african woman attacked by arab beast in kuwait?

this foto has been disturbing me for the past two days
long story how i got it but trying to work out the details behind it et cetera
don’t focus on her nakedness but the on the beast and his assistant
they probably run down to the mosque to pray to allah five times daily being ‘good’ muslim boys an all

arab man attacking african woman
what manner of beasts does this?

the bestiality meted out to africans by these so-caled muslims is legendary. it’s for us to stop it.
down with big negroes so we don’t have to go running to the plantation of these savages seeking ‘work’

note: more africans were captured and taken as slaves to the so-called middle east than to the new world. ask yourself what did they do to all those millions of africans over the centuries?
remember the tawergha people of Libya?

libya after gadaffi. what's he doing with that machete you ask?
libya after gadaffi. what’s he doing with that machete you ask?

Libya is now and has always been on the continent of Africa. oddly enough the psychos in power now say African people do not belong in Libya.
Send your thank yous to Barack Obama, another son of Africa. this was his coming out party.


4 thoughts on “african woman attacked by arab beast in kuwait?

  1. this not kuwait or ppl from kuwait stupid we have Rules here and my country not old city or old door`s or we same indian ppl in the Pic`s …. my country its the best counties in middle east

    and if u want check us join google and set in search ” kuwaiti people ” and check they Pic with this one u will know what i talk about it

    Free KuwaiT

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