Guyana lying competition – indian wedding

some black people had a lying contest the other day
didn’t catch the early rounds but walked in on the finals as the two pugilists were preparing to battle it out for lying supremacy
somebody buss out, duh is sheer scunt. duh is topic fuh finals?
judge said, order. order. no cussin in hey tonite. leff dat to me. a’rite bais. y’all mek it dis far to de finals. ah gon tell y’all what the topic gon be jus now but fuss leh me explain de rules again
this was beginning to get boring
eh heh a’rite.
useless Guyanese use of words that means ok. that’s it. all dem words mean ok

eh heh a’rite. we done do the coin toss. fuss man gon tell he lie duh is you cool & deadly. an’ de second man nice & easy can either top he or come wid something new. ok? like we discuss in de dressing room. we ain waan no fighting an brukkin up dis year. an please please please tell yuh people accept the decision uh de judge. dats me. when i ring de bell, ding ding no moe lying. ok? let’s have a clean contest tonite. ok let’s get ready to rumble. indian wedding. go.
i don’t even know how i ended up here, but there i was
cool & deadly up first to be followed by nice and easy an de lyin start
i went to an indian wedding and they serve cook up
serve cook up? serve cook up. eh heh arite. i went to an indian wedding an people eating wid knife an fork
joke. i went to an indian wedding an de dj did playing al green. love and happiness
al green? al green bai!! i went to an indian wedding an’ dey had two drummer from belladrum in de place knockin drum like nobody business
i went to an indian wedding an nobody ain cry
cry? cry…well i been to one in number 2 and nobody ain fight or threaten fuh jook nobody
i went to an indian wedding an de bar tender had a cash register
cash register? cash register. i been to an indian wedding in black bush an ev’ry body drinkin’ mauby
duh is wuh you come wid? i went to an indian wedding and the bride run’away wid de brother
bride run’way wid bruduh? bruduh…i went to an indian wedding an’ had to pay cover charge fuh get in

ding ding ding ding ding. the referee pull out a lil bell and start ring it like mad and put up cool & deadly hand in de air
ladies and gentlemen we’ve got a winnerrrrrrr
before the man could finish errrrrrr a chair fly cross the room from nice & easy camp
war bruk out in de place

judge last words as he bolted for cover, oh scunt people! ah tell yall yall mus respect the decision of de judge.


6 thoughts on “Guyana lying competition – indian wedding

  1. as a Hindu, and further more being a leader, I’m highly offended with the picture that is been used in this article .. there should be a public apology to the Hind Community! I understand the article fully well.

    1. i am offended that a so-called pandit and a so-called leader would take time to write me such foolishness
      you’re too full of y’self pandy. there will be no apology to the ‘Hind Community’
      since you understand the article so well i suggest you enjoy your glass of mauby and take two spins to al greene. jus doan mash nobody foot as you swoon

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