dear simona broomes, keep rounding up dem whores in guyana

ah goin out on a popular limb here again
lotta talk about the town since sheriff broomes swoop down into bartica and rounded up 29 whores, pimps and whoring business officials
big argument is broken down into a few categories and gripes:

  1. she using trafficking in persons to crack down on whoring
  2. putting the women faces in the paper is added humiliation for a small crime [whoring and/or overstaying visas]
  3. there are bigger issues to fry
  4. broomes is a trigger happy minister throwing her weight around

might be other arguments but let deal with those four. but like I said dear simona, keep roundin dem up

1. last time I checked [rhetoric cause I don’t need to check] however, last time I checked, whoring was still illegal in Guyana. now I know all about the devils who colonized and their warped Christianity etc responsible for these laws but there is no significant push in Guyana for the legalization of whoring in dis scuntry. yes it’s goin on etc and plenty men spending plenty plenty money for nice time wit farong women and local men, but the last thing we need is plane loads of Dominicans, venoz, brazzos washing up on these shores like pilgrims to whore about.

if this is a commodity,whoring with ‘white’ women, in demand by Guyanese men I say let them fly to the country of their choice and whore about there. let’s not encourage this sort of lawlessness. [sidebar: leftover issues from the plantation have lots of Guyana men lusting for ‘white’ women. white in this case is anything a few shades above the dark melanin prominent in Guyana. but dat’s for another showdown]

I have a problem with whoring, i does. but it’s not like am going out here to do anything about it. other than blogging about it dis here one time, you cant get me marching against faring or anything of the sort. I will leave that to simona and crew. if those were local women i’d still support this action but with a little more understanding of the wretched economic conditions that we lived under [ppp mis-rule]. but I support it with a lil more gusto seein that these women came here on aeroplanes!
so yea, she may have used TIP to round up these whores and the rest of the gang but you know what? i say kudos to her. she has done nothing illegal

I heard 20 women in another house beat a hasty retreat when they heard the sheriff was in town. maybe next time they’ll round up some men in on the racket. besides that tip or no tip the raid is right on the money

2. simona broomes is not the editor of stabroek news and the other  jokers who put the woman holding he teddy bear up etc in the paper. while this is stupid etc it’s done to Guyanese small timers all the time and I don’t hear much hue and gnashin of gums when this happens. while she called in the reporters to ride shot gun with her, I don’t see how the picture in the news is broomes fault. reporters in these cases may even offer her protection a police cant

3.there are bigger fishes to fry. sure! fry them. but every once in a while throw a line or cast net out in the water and see what you come up with.

4. broomes is a trigger happy bad ‘oman throwin her weight around. this may be so and have some merit, but this is also part left over juice from the ann green dustup. green also is looked at by many in guyana as unqualified for the job. [bourgeois paper qualification is best people] green also has a ‘history’ of not being easy to work with etc. so I hear cause I don’t the woman. the only time I ever spoke to her was to say please stop so I can take your picture?. that’s  the one in the yellow dress entering anu+afc hq on victory day. the other picture I just took

all new ministers will throw their weight around getting things done and learning the job. typical Guyana, old grievances and slights are bubbling up to the surface as the sheriff settles in and gets accustomed to her new holster.

totally unrelated: simona broomes is on my list of 5-7 ministers who wont last 5 years. why? qualifications or not she is in a tight position and the wearing and tearing and constant desire for results will eventually see her being relieved or steppin aside.


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