Safety has been abolished in suicide country #guyana

I’ve witten a few times about safety in suicide scuntry. It most certainly has been abolished the way these proles carry on
riding bicycles on the wrong side of the road
walking three, four, five and six abreast
driving like lunatics on crowded streets
par for the course
doing dangerous shit that can kill themselves or many others
a national past time

a few moons ago i looked across the fence after hearing an engine roaring on the roof next door
strange place for an engine to be
up on the roof a young man was balancing a power washer on the highest point of the house, cleaning
i had no business down the road
but just so i wasnt on the scene if and when he came crashing down that roof i quickly dressed and ran down the road

a few days ago i was at the grorgetown hospital
remember that word, hospital
opposite the hospital they were tearing down a multiple story concrete building with jack hammers and sledge
there is no mesh or anything to contain flying concrete, dust or particles
i dont know how long the building been there. maybe it has asbestos in it
but there in the middle of the day opposite the hospital a few blokes were busy tearing it down
two pieces of card board had two warnings

men working above a
nd no parking
as if to reinforce the fact that guyanese are mad and suicidal two cars parked right up to each sign as the destruction went on

when madness takes over
it really does
and dis scuntry is 83000 square miles asylum

I don’t want to be like you people!  screamed the deportee…And I echo his sentiments

Run tell dat



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