The AFC choice of words regarding PPP crimes in Guyana is most perplexing

the AFC now in a tit for tit with gang PPP over salary increases.
am hoping these afc boys & girls made a mistake on the word choice (the last three) of this paragraph in their statement

Our party is armed with cogent facts and statistics that would put the PPP to shame for giving its fat cats super salaries and perks for stashing away fabulous sums in secret bank accounts and causing the disappearance of vehicles and other state assets, all of which is coming to the public’s attention now with a series of revelations and disclosures. The AFC supports action to follow through these disclosures with recovery of state assets which have been misappropriated and prosecution where necessary.

not where necessary, in each case of misappropriation or stop locking up poor people now!

the people of guyana want to see PPP criminals in jail, not hanging about with big smirks on their faces and still living in taxpayer funded mandions.
expose the cogent facts and march them off to court and jail.
enough with the talking


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