Guyana parasite update, charles ramson jr thinks you’re a fool

the bloodsucking brigade mekkin lots o noise bout dis an dat as is to be expected
today (tuesday) they’ll be outfront GECOM continuing the hinduvta hu$tle
the right to boycott local govt is theirs
let them use it
ramson jr has taken up a crusade against the president and attorney general who he says should pay income taxes
he is outraged that this is happening
really outraged!
well this back bencher parasite must really take you for a fool guyana people
a man named charles ramson sr served two terms as attorney general of guyana
you think maybe his son doesnt know that?
or just conveniently forgot to mention that for many years his daddy paid no taxes on his income
or maybe jr. will use his fat parliamentary salary and perks to pay back the taxes sr. never paid
just to show how parasitism runs in ramson veins
ramson sr. pulls down 1.2 million tax payer dollars as commissioner of information for doing absolutely nothing
to date, no one i know of has received any info from this wild ass (equus africanus)
one reason he has used to deny info is for not addressing him by his correct titles
negroes like the ramsons not only live off the poor, they make ridiculous demands of them
their haughtiness comes with their newly minted status as touchables

a book on why guyana is blessed with so many species of wild asses would make exquisite reading


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