Courtney Crum-Ewing still no justice after 8 months

the Guyana injustice system has failed again
the Guyana police caught in a web of lawlessness and corruption could never serve the people
and the government of the day has failed in its mandate to address these pressing issues
when you have police collecting black plastic bags in front the court room you have a problem
when you have magistrate fabayo azore defending said police you need a revolution cause from top to bottom the shitstem stinks
reforming it is a waste of time

the last time i was in court a police prosecutor sent a strong police without a nametag to throw me out the court and the east indian woman magistrate looked on in silence
i dont know what type of kangaroo court she is running


this police officer wears his nametag selectively
the prosecutor sent the cop over to tell me i must leave the court house

I dont know. the prosecutor said yuh using yuh phone
i am not using my phone
sir please leave
my phone is in my pocket
he said you have to leave
so what, i leave and come back in?
i dont know. jus leave
well go ask him

i was literally dashed out the court house door
i attempted to re enter and was dashed out again this time cop boy squared up as if he wanted to fight me
what’s fascinating is the magistrate took in the entire show without a word. we will meet again

the Crum-Ewing murder case got nowhere
the police prosecutor came with no paper and said she was filling in for the real prosecutor who was in leave
he left her with no informstion or instructions she said
the magistrate accepted this with a smile and scheduled another date moons away
the accused started to bad up

dat’s why injustice could never done in this country

the magistrate took offence to that

on my way out a man waiting for his turn at injustice said impatiently why you doan galang yuh way an leff dem people alobe rasta?
i looked at him in disgust
don’t recall if i said anything

today magistrate fabayo azore will rule on the gun posession matter
the games and charade rolls on

commander of a division clifton hickens called kaieteur news multiple times wanting to meet me he said on nov 4 i think it was
over le affaire black plastic bag
i showed up at his office as requsted but his secretary said he wasnt in
minutes before i stopped by the minister of justice khemraj ramjattan who had requested a statement and meeting
showed up at his office and he wasnt in either

we only have one demand, justice
and we will have it in spite of the devils, conspiring cops, magistrates and jokey politicos


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