raphael trotman suffering from foot in his mouth disease #guyana

i’ve always felt certain negroes in guyana spending too much time counting oil money. it will come back to haunt

according to the Ministry of the Presidency Trotman “is refuting claims carried in an online media report (demerara waves and stabroek) that Government plans to ask US oil company ExxonMobil for upfront payments ahead of the commercial production of oil here.” Referring to a Demerara Waves report headlined ‘Guyana wants ExxonMobil to front-load some oil profits for major projects,’ Trotman, according to the release, said the assertions carried in the report are “false as it was never directly communicated that Government had asked the company or intends to ask the company for advances.”

oh reallys. roll the tape

“Right now that discussion (upfront money) is not going on because we have inherited an agreement that was entered to with the last administration but the president of Exxon himself is coming here in January to meet with the president of Guyana and out of that engagement we are likely to sit down and have that discussion. But it is a discussion that we must have. We’ve looked at other countries where oil companies have made that kind of an upfront payment in anticipation but I think we need to get a better sense now of when they are likely to go to production. Of course we have some hurdles to cross. There are hurdles of jurisdiction and of course territorial challenges the very low price of oil, that is something of a hurdle,

demeara waves also got him on tape here.
Minister of Governance with responsibility for Natural Resources and the Environment sector Raphael Trotman please take your mouth out of your foot and stop counting oil money


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