Sacred Heart Cathedral Guyana is an archictectural monstrosity

If i had anything to do with it, this would’ve never been built under ANY circumstances
this whole thing stinks to high heaven and every time i go down main street and see this shite i get flashes of ho chi minh
then you had the evil joshua safeek and his ppp accolytes trying to cash in the insurance policy
many have forgotten that episode
that he wasnt crucified then or now is another guyana mystery
whatever happened to the money and all we may never know but this is what sacred heart looked like originally


And this is the foolishness that has replaced it. Now this is a sin
a grave sin

they actually gonna have holy communion in this concrete monstrosity

Holy, holy, holy, lord god of hostes,
heven and earth are ful of thy glory,
glory be to the, O Lord most hyghe.

only revolution can save you now people
trust me
the signs are everywhere
it is your only hope
run tell all


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