How Long Will APNU AFC Govt Remain Silent As Guyana Police Continue Murdering Citizens?

Many Guyanese are not known for rational thinking, consistency or a clear understanding of law and order. Many more cannot differentiate what is right (by people the world over) from what’s done in Guyana (do whatever you can get away with)
there begins part of our problem
fully immersed in lawlessness, bedlam and what have you, many are no longer able to appreciate right and/or correct procedures and ways of doing things
the murder of the two suspects yesterday is a classic example. Yes i said murder dont be shocked. Murder is murder whether the killer is uniformed or not.
Some of you cant wrap your minds around that and why? Because in your Guyana view, the police cant be accused of murder if the person has a weapon, or fired it, or has a criminal record, or is a bad man et cetera et cetera. Typical warped thinking.

And as we all know, the guyana police farce is not known to murder and plant weapons on criminals and innocent. follow through with the popular mythology

And let me insert this. Many of you fueled by eldorado, ignorance or whatever it is you put in yuh tank will shuttle off on your own new tangent. THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION ON WHETHER THE YOUNG MEN COMMITTED A CRIMINAL ACT.

The Guyana Police regularly murder, torture and brutalise citizens. whether these citizens committed criminal acts is completely irrelevant. the job of law enforcement officers is clearly spelled out and nowhere in there does it mention shocking people on their genitals, punching people or in this most recent case shooting people hiding in tanks.

The eye will never see if the mind is not trained, so i don’t blame those of you who cannot see the mountain of evidence before you.

Here’s a rogue gallery of rapists, thieves and gangsters and you dont see or hear Guyana sheeple advocating that any of them be shot. Why is this? All have been caught red handed in various criminal acts. Some people dont even think they should be bothered
and these people (the ppp mobsters) have caused more death and destruction in this country than all the criminals in camp street put together. check your emotion at the door and consult the facts

Without first reading the details i realised something was odd about this case from this photo

Why are the police loading a water tank into their vehicle after a shootout? A rather big piece of evidence i thought. And why is that tank cut open? 

demerara waves and inews reported that the men were hiding in the tank for over an hour before the police discovered them and we know what happened next. but the police quickly denied this
On arrival at the scene the police came under fire from the perpetrators who were leaving the building at the time and returned fire.

During the armed confrontation two of the men who were pursued by the police ran into a yard at Reliance Place, South Ruimveldt Park, and took cover behind a water tank from where they continued to engage the police.
During the exchange of gunfire they were shot by the police and later pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.
Contrary to reports carried on the Demerara Waves News Agency the two men did not hide themselves in the water tank; they took cover behind the water tank and continued to discharge rounds at the police.

There was no exchange of gunfire from behind the water tank. The police themselves said the found 2 handguns, 7 live rounds and 2 spent shells on the dead men. What exactly constitutes this confrontation and exchange of fire?

But dont take my word for it and even the two gun story related by the police might be fictional. Here from the mouth of a man whose house was targeted 

Speaking to media operatives after the police operation, Morrison recalled that he was awakened from a bad dream and heard noise on his roof and in his backyard.
“I peeped through my back window and saw three men; only one had a gun.”

you might want to read the part again where Morrison says only one had a gun. Continuing in same article

 “Police observe the tank cover off…. and after they investigate and realize that somebody in the tank, they tell me to go back inside. I can’t tell you wha happen after then,” Morrison stated.
But no sooner had he gone back indoors other police ranks arrived then more gunshots erupted.
Those shots were actually the police releasing a volley of more than 60 rounds in the direction of the water tank. When the smoke cleared two riddled lifeless bodies were seen.

That explains why the tank was cut open and being removed from the yard. 
and it is more explicit in guyana chronicle

Cornered, the two bandits released several shots in the air calling for Morrison to open the back door of his house,but to no avail. As the police closed in, the men desperately began looking around for an escape route, something which was not available at the time. The men took refuge in a black water tank that was on the lower half of a trestle.
“I heard a set of gun shots then the place got quiet,” Morrison told this publication.After the shooting I went outside and I gave the police a cutlass to cut open the water tank.”

and in stabroek news

“… The police tell the one on the roof top to come down and he jump down from the fence and me ain’t no how, but he get away. So the police ask me for a cutlass after they shoot up the tank and they cut the tank and pull out the bodies,” Morrison said.

in 20013 Nineteen-year-old Romeiro Branco Gouveia mysteriously died at georgetown hospital. he was the lone survivor of a police execution on south road.
police say they were fighting crime
shaquille grant was executed by the police in agricola and his friends shot
police say they were fighting crime
noticing a pattern?
15 year old alex griffith dragged out his house and shot in the mouth
by a gang of police who say they were fighting crime
and the list is long into the hundreds
people shot, brutalised, raped, run over and tortured by the police all in the name of fighting crime
and yet crime is on the rise and no one seems to know why

crime is a socio political problem created by the mis.rulers and their capitalist friends and plunderers
people dont turn to crime because they are lazy, or cant read, or didnt go to church or were born to kill or popped into the world loving easy money
all these young criminals were born and raised in an era of high criminality under the ppp
it is all they know and they see the criminals living large and having a good ole time
and they are recruited. just like the police
the crime problem has to be dealth with
but shooting these young men when you see them solves nothing
we’ve done that for two decades
more will replace them because the society is not dealing with the root problem
why is this so fucking hard for some guyanese to understand?
additionally as in this case, how will the police now figure out or identify the ones that got away after they’ve murdered the two trapped in the tank?

on may 11 the people of this scuntry voted for change. the APNU AFC govt when in opposition spoke out on these attrocities. they cannot now sit back and watch the police murder, torture and abuse citizens.
there are legal remedies beyond the kangaroo court system of guyana available to the victims of these attrocities
and members of this current govt could very well find themselves in hot water for cosying up with the current leadership of the guyana police force who are overseeing these crimes.
and for the last time
while you might not like them or what they do, you cant do anything you feel like to a criminal suspect

david granger must decide if he will revolt against the old order and build a society based on law and order
or if he will tinker around the edges of the inherited bedlam
officers like seelall persaud, hickens and many others have the blood of innocents on their hands
in order to move forward a purge must take place within the guyana police force
cause as we saw yesterday they are continuing to do what they’ve been trained and ordered to do
if this is change guyana, i shall have no part of it
under no circumstances

we not only should demand justice and a good life for crime victims
we must demand justice for crum ewing and all victims of the Guyana Police Force and the old order

run tell dat


6 thoughts on “How Long Will APNU AFC Govt Remain Silent As Guyana Police Continue Murdering Citizens?

  1. “Utter Rubbish” Mr writer.
    Confront the facts before you put pen to paper. It’s the work of the police to confront the criminals that make living in Guyana uncomfortable”.we live in fear daily.
    I wonder what this young, intelligent and mindless writer would say if it was a case where “members of the police force were killed by criminals in a robbery”

  2. i agree with this writer, during the twenty three years of opposition this government protested vigorously they cant now stay silent on this. Murder is not the answer #crime rate still going up.

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