26% increase In Rape, Who In Guyana Will Shoot These Criminals?

stats released by the guyana police
300 women have reported being raped as of november 2015
a 26% increase
238 women reported raped for the corresponding period last year (2014)
with so many guyanese lusting for blood every time a youth snatches a purse or breaks into a house
one would think you would see the bodies of rapists littering the streets
this is a beastly crime and we all come from woman
one would think

people in guyana make more noise over a stolen cell phone than the raping of girls and women
imagine that
shows you what a fucked up lot of citizens we have

i read all four newspapers daily and am almost certain i have not seen ten rape convictions in the kangaroo courts of guyana the past two years
am almost certain of that
and it’s rather curious that the police seem not to have stats on the raping of boys and young men in guyana

538 women had the strength to report a rape the past 23 months
if 38 get some justice in a kangaroo court that would be revolutionary
what happened to the four beasts who gang raped the woman at geology and mines building in mahdia last month?
and we gearing up for a year long bashment
to celebrate 50 years of what i dont know

i will not be suffocated by your ignorance


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