Female Employees Picking Up Diseases In Qualfon Guyana Toilets!

  i know i just read this right but i mean is like fucking wow qualfon and please learn to revolt guyanese. Call centres are bullshit jobs that add zero to the society. Mostly women sitting around solving people in other country problems. Ppp mobsters only in march were fettin qualfon for opening another glorified slave labour camp. Read the whole story and catalogue the labour violations. 25 minute lunch and two toilets for 1200 people.

Down with these foreign plunderers and exploiters and the local negroids who help them. This form of gangster capitalism will kill you. Revolt againt it whereever it exists.

Sweep dem clean simona broomes

Among the issues raised were junior staff being allotted a 25-minute lunch break by the company. This the minister (simona broomes) cited to be a breach of the laws of Guyana, which stipulate an hour for lunch in the Labour Act. Staff members also expressed dissatisfaction with the meals prepared by the canteen and the behaviour of its staff. They criticized the fact that there are just two washrooms, which are inadequate for a staff of 1,200 employees and that there is scheduling of their bathroom breaks. More so, the women spoke of contracting infections from the washrooms.


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