The Guyana Police farce is criminally incompetent

Anyone who believes this Guyana Police force
under these idiot commanders will one day come to their senses is a fool
a dangerous fool
there might be more criminals per capita with police uniforms than the general population
and that’s real
only last night i met one who works in the gold bush and he says

you know me ain got time wid promotion an dem ting. I jus stay pon me paper

seven months has been wasted tinkering around the edges playing reform with this farce
revolution is the answer
the Guyana Police must be dismantled
i know, that’s too harsh for many of you
victims of these criminals
play reform and check back in five years

back in november i highlighted that on their website the missing persons reports have no photos and in some instances the names are mot even real people. John Doe?!

Six weeks later


I will not be suffocated by your ignorance


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