Guyana’s core DNA is inefficiency – observing a govt agency

at a major Guyana govt agency waiting and observing for over half hour
Two guards to my left chit chatting and copying notes from a stack if rample up papers
Lady behind them listening to gospel on her phone in between whispering in phone
She got one sheet from a legal notebook, a glass of ice water a vase of plastic red roses and a massive white handbag on her desk
The lady in front of me got plenty old files and paper on her desk and a black phone
She talking to a man sitting there since I come
From the state of black people, weather, news headlines, children, man ‘Oman affairs you name it
They gon be  talking for a while
Lady behind her taking paper from the mountain on her desk into rusty file cabinets
A fan spins overhead
Parts of the wood roof hanging and paint missing
A man looking like security talking to the two security guards taking notes
Another man in shirt jack walk in and plug in his phone
The woman talking to the man starts laughing as he is playing a video on his phone for her with a wining song
A woman to my right sits at the only computer I see on the net another woman stands stalling to her
They both leave and the sitting one comes back
Another woman joins her and they chat
She leaves to go chat with the secretary who chatting on and off the phone
A man security in half uniform pops around the corner and call the gospel lady
They disappear around a corner
Another woman pop in hollerin fuh Jason Jason Jason
The secretary holler Jason not here Jason not here
Another woman stands in front the secretary staring
She moves to the lady on the net and gaff
The first Lady who was standing and gaffin come back and sits at her desk as the lady and the man finishing watching videos
She stares off into space
Gets up and walk about
Another guy who came earlier with a mug comes back and lingers by computer lady walk by secretary and disappear again
Computer lady gets up and readjust her internet cable
Gospel lady screams something about lunch an hour passes
I get up and peep around the corner to see if the meeting finish yet
The nan who was marching signal me not to peep
I sit back down
The guy reappears with a nityle if ice water
Lingers by computer lady and disappears where gospel lady and the guy in half uniform were
A woman in that area bmi cant see bust out a nice laugh as he approaches her
One of the security guard gets up and joins gospel lady looking at the tele
She bends over and reveals herself to the world
Men have fought deadly wars for less
The other security begins spraying perfume
It’s 1110
I’ve been here 70 minutes for ten am appointment
Looks like they are preparing for lunch after a productive morning

The guy meeting is over and he flies by me
I get an audience ten minutes later
He says he is too busy to meet cine back 430
Talk to his secretary
She says next week Thursday better
I ask her why are they so effin backward
She asks me if I want the next week Thursday come
Can’t remember what I said as I left
but my holster is noticeably missing

sweet baby Jesus calk me last night and we had a long gaff
Revolution is the only answer to your prayers my son
Thank you lord and amen to that
Jesus wept

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