Homemade Soy Milk & Tofu


Tofu 1

My first attempt at making homemade tofu – it was tedious but exciting. In the process of making tofu, you also get fresh soy milk. It definitely helps and speeds up the process if you have the right equipment but that said, you can still make tofu and soy milk with large bowls, kitchen towels and brownie pans. That’s what I used!

The process needs a bit of planning and a free first half of your day. Making tofu involves a few steps and starts with soaking dry soy beans over night. Indian folks will find the process relatively easier since we’ve seen our mothers make cottage cheese at home and making masala chickpeas in curry (chole) from dry chickpeas.

The tofu making process is lengthy but calls for just two ingredients. Also you get three products in the process – okara (soy pulp), soy milk and tofu. You basically don’t…

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