scotia bank guyana atm machines designed to rob people?

i have many many problems with scotia bank guyana and how things operate there but this one might take all the christmas black cake
a couple moons ago i sent off a tweet about their atm machines always being down. the one at the harbour bridge mall is the worst. i just cant understand how an atm in a critical area that has no banks can be down for two weeks at a time and always not working, malfunctioning, under maintenance or whatever
here’s the tweet

a guy named winston seetaram retweeted that and on checking his page realised that $25,000 went missing from his account at some scotia ATM machine and he has gone on the rampage on twiter about it
well it ain dead deh
i retweeted winston bit and it appeared on my facebook page

as it turns out not winston alone experienced having money missing at the atm machines.
Audrey talked about her experience at a carmichael street atm and also that of one of her colleagues

Audrey Barkie Yes. …a colleague Mr Boodraj had the same experience. They took 10,000. He also went in and they told him some foolishness, but returned the money

it will be most interesting to hear what scotia bank has to day about this here ahhh what you might call it ahhh yeaaaaah atm machine malfunction

by the way if anyone can explain why simple transactions require a lunch, reading materials, snack and water breaks at scotia bank i’d love to hear it


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