today in guyana – assaulted & arrested at georgetown city hall

i was invited to city hall by town clerk roystown king to fill out paper work to get a young man a job. this happened at a board meeting i was attending in the presence of the mayor, deputy mayor and some other govt officials.
we have been trying to get this process completed for over two months.

i arrived for my 10am appointment on time but the town clerk was in another meeting.
i waited 90 minutes and he casually waltzed by me headed back into his office. he acknowledged me
about 15 minutes later his secretary called me in to meet the town clerk
he immediately informed me that he was too busy and i had to come back at 430pm
the secretary said 430pm is not good, i should return next week thursday

what will happen enxt week thursday?
i dont know
do you know why am here?
well let me explain. this young man has been identified for a job over two months. what do we need to do s he can start working?
i dont know. come back next week thursday

i visited the mayors office to update them on what happened
someone subsequently told me that i should return as the town clerk had now find some time to meet me
when i arrived the secretary told me royston king will not see me but she was going to do me a favour
instead of next week thursday i should come back next week monday

what’s going to happen next week monday?
i dont know
so you cant explain to me what will happen when i return? i dont want to waste my time and i dont want to waste your time
you want the next wek monday or not
i trying to figure out what will happen when i return
you will talk to the town clerk
and the process will be completed that day
no. i dont know
what’s your name?
i dont have to tell you my name
you are working for a govt agency and cant tell me your name?
i done with you

at some point i explained to this plantation dwelling negress and the other negroids around that they are a cancer to black people and all humanity
i was ordered to leave amidst lots of shouting
someone said i cursed
as i walked out the corridor a horde of ig’nant negroes circled around me as if to assault me
i kept walking
free man that i be
as i reached the door a woman blocked it and a man next to her was playing back up
the other negroids in the office screamed something and they were attempting to imprison me in the office
i asked them to move so i can leave but no one budged
not knowing what these negroes had in mind i walked through my new prison walls onto the balcony
a lot of screaming ensued as they began signalling to the city police more frantically
people were grabbing and pulling me but i kept walking and made it down the stairs
by then a beastly horde surrounded me and started screaming
i continually asked if i was under arrest
more screams and hollering at me their imaginary property
i explained that my legs are fully functional and am capable of walking
they grabbed me and dragged me into the parking lot
i was being kidnapped
i stopped moving my legs and dropped my body to the ground
i received a few kicks and blows
they picked me up
one on each leg and beastly claws on my head my neck and body
my feet were high in the air and my head close to the ground as they dragged me across the parking lot and into the gulag
along the way people got a few licks in
banged my body against every object along the way and flung me in a piss infested corner
my head may have banged the ground at some point as i have an unexplained pain at the back of my head now

they didn’t search me and repeatedly denied me a phone call
i sat on the floor for about half hour
someone flung my right side shoe at me and said put it on
how will i put it on with my hands behind my back you stupid fucker?

he smiled
and so it went
i managed to type a msg and tried posting on facebook but had no clue it if went out
moments later i received a call and a msg from two saviours
i got a call from someone who has been at my side through all my ups downs and in betweens but i couldnt answer
i managed to get off a text msg reply
i tried taking a photo [the one above] and my phone conked out

threats insults and idle chatter from the other beasts in the gulag flowed like water
which they denied me
my saviour across the counter bought one and they passed it in to me
i was shouting i need water as they drank from a water cooler about 20 feet from me
they all ignored me
some made jokes about it
the man on the bench also wanted water
i told them
one wanted to know what i making noise for him for when i got water
draw your own conclusions

five hours later i was released after lots of arguing and fighting which i will document later

they saw me crying and laughed but that wasnt tears for me
it was for the black man on the bench to my left on the bench wracked by illness they had him there all day
his crime?
he rode off regents st onto the pave at khanais to buy a light bulb
he is a security guard at a boutique
$2500 per day pay
they took his pay he just received for two days $5000 and told him go forth and sin no more
exact words
i cry for the indian man to my right and the 5 other indians rounded up by the city constab as they inflict wounds on east indian bus drivers and vendors
is wuh we do to these people? is wuh we do to these people?

i have nothing to do with these beasts of a lower order and the terror they were inflicting on these poor drivers but i was ashamed

the woman constables getting the names treated these men like animals
screaming at them
spell yuh name. slow down. hey, hey. ah seh slow down when yuh talkin

the guy to my right kept crying
wuh we do to these people?

he could write but he could not spell anything except his name
please help me. tell me how to spell my address

he wrote haltingly letter by letter as i spelled it out for him
someone lent him a phone and he cried to his wife and daughter to see who they can reach to find the 10000 bail being demanded

an indian street vendor suffering from elephantiasis in both legs was dragged in
her feet full of muck and grime from walking the filthy streets eeking out survival
she took time out to get a pedicure at some point
speck of light blue nail polish visible on her dirty feet
she stood defiantly against wall staring back at me with tears in her eyes
they terrorised her but didnt break her
a black woman stood next to her in tears
she too a street vendor eeking out survival on the streets of georgetown
she told her story of crawling on her knees into a piss and muck infested gutter to retrieve some piece of fruit skin someone dashed in there
even if it was her, she did not deserve what these fill in the blanks were doing to her
her feet were full of street grime but you could still see specks of her purple nail polish on her toes
she complained of pains but all those women constables ignored her
she kept crying
i cried for all of them

many other ghastly things happened in there i will document at another time
constabs sexually harassing each other
a male bike patrol constab bracing a woman up against a locker trying to kiss her
etc etc
totally sickening

i am on 10,000 bail with five bogus charges
they denied me a phone call
had me handcuffed my entire time there
told me what i was being charged with hours after they handcuffed me and dashed me on the floor
these episodes are too long but i told them jail me as i had no money
but even if i did i was not giving them a cent
for reasons only they know, they seem reluctant to jail me until my court appearance

when i wrote this Guyana’s core DNA is inefficiency – observing a govt agency i was actually sitting in the town clerks office. little did i know, half hour later these people would show me their inner beast
which was waiting all along for an opportunity to break out

this is the change we fought for?
this is the same some died for?
the devil is real
and every day i come face to face with his disciples
right here in this guyana hell

dont cry for these downpressors when you see them burning
they’ve earned it


12 thoughts on “today in guyana – assaulted & arrested at georgetown city hall

  1. I am aware of what the writer is saying, they did that to several Indians. Royston King is a big one now, he could not do anything for the City when he was PRO. He is a fraud. Hamilton Green and all the others are aware of this. The Constabulary Officers are no good, just harassing Indians. But as the saying goes what goes around comes around. Have fun while it last…..

  2. A Jackass would always be a Jackass how can one change a Jackass into a Human. Most of all do not give Africans in developing countries power. This would be the results.

  3. why don’t people use their medication.come on this is Guyana medical is free take your treatment

  4. M.J…does your mind conceive a GT devoid of these ignorant, psychopathic criminals, operating as lawmen? Mine doesn’t brotha…not in my lifetime…I’m 31. The poor man in GT is treated worse than a dog in the street. This gov’t can do no different as they are raised in the same broken system. People hoped and still holding onto hope, myself included, but I’m not delusional.

    1. i think they can be purged from the system if the govt officials pushed by concerned citizens are serious about change
      not an easy task but i think it can happen, whether it will or not is a different story

      1. Fair enough, I can agree on the method of the citizenry making their voices loud and clear in unison. Now of course, as is globally accepted, some voices matter more than others, so how are we gonna get the “big ones” to step up to the plate? Let’s say enough small voices start to rock the boat, do you think that only the constabulary should be purged or the GPF and GDF? This is a major dilemma in terms of finding and training suitable replacements. So this can’t be a wham bam thank you maam overnight operation. That would mean the govt of the day would have to secure another victory and continue what they started because I don’t see the previous admin overhauling jack squat. Lots of their supporters are in these groups you want to purge. See what I’m saying? Need a think thank to sit and iron out the kinks. Guyana hasn’t had a particularly good record for change via peoples’ demands as the numbers usually don’t get up to staggering percentages except in the case of the slow fyah mo’ fyah types which derail more than it helps imo. Anyways, good thoughts, sorry about your run-in with the circus and God speed.

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