my FIVE trumped up charges from the georgetown constab #guyana

I have nothing further to say publicly about my encounter with those beasts at city hall, less i give my enemy ammunition they dont have to shoot me still
my blood must not be spilt with my ammo
we have a date in the kangaroo court 10 on january 11
after that you will be hearing a lot more on this from me
incidentally, last time i went to court ten was for a friends trial end up in a battle and was jailed

Check out we’ve come to apologise on behalf of the guyana police force

but as sweet baby jesus would have it, constable mcgarrel from kangaroo court ten who assaulted me now works with magistrate fabayo azore upstairs in court 7
it is he who ordered me out the crum ewing trial
and it is he i saw collecting the black plastic bag from the accused family

back at city constab
they wanted me yo sign a bail receipt but they wont tell me what i was being charged with

Write down my charges
I said write down my charges on a piece of paper before i sign
No? Sign it. We ain gah tell you nothing
Well fuck you. Jail me. You want me sign bail and i dont know what am being charged with. Are you plantation dwelling negroes crazy? ALL YALL FUCKING CRAZY? You deny me phone call, you handcuff abuse me, drag me across the parking lot, on dis dutty floor, cuff me for five hours and i must sign this? Fuck yall. Write my charges down first or the hell with yall.
Put he back in de corner and leff he deh. Like he want run we wuk
No negro. He wan know wuh he getting charge for. 
Oh you think you a big boy wid yuh connection!
Hello. I dont have connections i have rights. You dont have to like me but respect my fucking basic human rights. I was born free ok. I ain no fucking prisoner. These are bogus charges
Hahaha you is we prisoner now

there was a big blow up amongst them cause most felt i was entitled to know nothing
but somebody start looking for paper and wrote these down
it went from one to two to three charges
when they write down they come up with five

this is your change guyana
embrace it and keep plantation dancing
i will not be suffocated by your ignorance
i might die in the process
but your ignorance will not suffocate me
i was born and will remain til i die


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