what’s the demerara harbour bridge suicide prevention strategy? #guyana

guyana reigns supreme globally when it comes to suicide and the demerara harbour bridge has been the scene of quite a few

i’d be curious to know if the demerara harbour bridge has a suicide prevention policy
one thing about the staffers there and police is they are slack
i’ve seen cows and i mean real life cows walk right through the toll areas and onto the bridge with all them people sitting right there
i’ve also seen pedestrians many times walking on the bridge itself and there is a pedestrian walkway
yet none of the police or workers on duty seem to pay attention to these things

another time i saw some teenagers who had climbed over the bridge and taking photos and selfies on the floating pontoons
i told an on duty police and she just turned her head and ignored me

harbour bridge ceo and commander a division hickens larging up the sophisticated surveillance system
harbour bridge ceo and commander a division hickens larging up the sophisticated surveillance system

as we can see by this sophisticated control room, the harbour bridge has a surveillance system
there’s is only one minor flaw
of the 24 cameras, zero are on the bridge itself so they can only monitor what’s happening at the two ends of the bridge not what’s going on on the bridge itself
which is why they have to rely on drivers to inform them of vehicles that break down on the bridge
i know of one an probably two cases where persons were seen entering the bridge and never came off and no one to date can say what happened to them

yesterday i was walking across about 7am and saw a man sitting in the area most people jump off
my mind immediately thought of suicide
i could be wrong about the chap but i was a bit concerned
he had two bags with what seem to be all his possessions


as you can see above my shadow is on him but he didnt budge
i could tell he was awake and staring off towards the river
the morning sun cast my shadow about 15 feet or more so it took me a while to reach him and my shadow was covering him
all the while the guy did not budge or move
when i was directly over him he still didn’t move initially then he pulled in his legs
good morning

no answer. still staring off into space
good morning
he slowly moved his head and looked at me quizzically
are you ok?
what are you doing here
breezing out

he mumbled something else and squeezed out half a smile
you need help with anything?
he didnt answer
as you can see his slippers were between his legs but in his hand was a piece of rope which you cant see from this angle
he held each one in each hand and passed it under the bottom of his left foot and kept pulling it back and forth
i stared at him curiously
he broke eye contact and looked down
you sure you ok?

he never looked back up at me
ok. are you sure?

it was morning rush hour but there was no one on the bridge
i keep looking back every couple steps until i cleared the high span
i walked off the bridge without mentioning it to anyone on the other end and caught a car
i keep trying to console myself that he didnt jump over but am not so sure

it’s those decisions or in.decisions that torment you
i remember once seeing an east indian woman with two bags in her hand walk off the la grange public road and made a turn on the dam headed for the koker
it was broad day light and she was naked
i kept on driving but i always wondered what ever happened to that woman and if she was headed for the river


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