georgetown city constabulary is racially profiling & arresting east indians :: #guyana

this is one of the most disgusting episodes of lawlessness i’ve come across in guyana and that’s saying a lot in this land of the lawless
last week when i wrote today in guyana – assaulted & arrested at georgetown city hall i touched on this slightly but today i will elaborate further

after i was assaulted and while my human rights were being denied i observed a peculiar thing at georgetown city constabulary
when i initially arrived there were two other prisoners sitting on a bench
one african male in his 50s and an east indian male in his 30s
the african man was there because he rode his bicycle off regents street onto the pave and parked. after about six hours for this dangerous crime, they took $5000 which amounted to his pay for two days as a security guard
i heard them tell him that this is a fine for removal of property and he should go forth and sin no more
knowing everything i know about guyana, this is most certainly a bullshit move of them to steal that man’s money

the east indian male was there for parking a truck on the parapet somewhere in the city.
he was kept there in the dark for about five hours or so as well then the negotiations began earnestly
not sure what the price was but he was soon on his way to the words we safe
and these folks consider themselves a law enforcement agency

the most troubling aspect of the day was to come next.
east indian minibus drivers started separated by a few minutes
they would be brought in, searched and placed to sit next to me
a total of five came, followed by an african woman and an east indian women
quite a few east indian bus conductors were also outside, not under arrest but seemingly not free to go
the buses these men drove were also detained outside the constabulary building

they were all rounded up for various traffic violations they couldn’t properly explain but were all going to be put on $10,000 bail.
they seem to know this with certainty though i didnt hear anyone tell them that

i asked the guy to my immediate left what was the problem and he just laughed nervously
me nah kno. dem bring meh hey an seh me do something. is suh dem does gah we
the guy to my right was in tears
he looked at me
looked at my friends who had come to get me out
looked back at me and asked
dem people come fuh you? dem can help we too?

mark benschop and some other friends of mine were at the counter and it was benschop who caught this gentleman’s attention
duh is not mark benschop. he can’t help we?
i don’t know

the woman constables getting the names treated these men like animals
screaming at them in the most belittling manner
they had nothing but contempt for these men
spell yuh name. slow down. hey, hey. ah seh slow down when yuh talkin

the guy to my right started crying and shaking uncontrollably
is wuh we do to these people? is wuh we do to these people?
he kept repeating and waiting for someone to answer him back

he could write but he could not spell anything except his name he told me
please help me. tell me how to spell my address
he was preparing himself for when the constable came to him for his information

he wrote haltingly letter by letter as i spelled it out for him
someone lent him a phone and he cried to his wife and daughter to see who they can reach to find the 10000 bail being demanded
ow ow ayuh call who yuh can call an see how you gon scrape up ten thousand and get me outta hey. please

the men explained to me that since the may 11 APNU AFC victory the city constabulary has been targeting them for arrest almost daily
dem does deh pon we park all the time and dem nah go victoria park and plaisance park cause dem know dem man naah gon tek it suh. dem gon get beat up

dem man they talking bout is the black drivers
the stories were long and painful. i cant remember all the details but from what they told me the city constabulary regularly swoop down on the areas of the park serving east indian villages
mon repos, annandale, lusignan etc and pounce on the drivers
many are settling their crimes by giving up their hard earn dollars

none of the guys i met own the bus they driving
i gotta carry in $7000 every day to the owner and ah got three now. how these people hold me hey now i cant mek me quota. yuh tink the bus owner waan hear i geh hol by police? dem people waan dem money

the Chief Constable of the City Constabulary Andrew Foo (pictured above) and the other senior officers must know this is going on. they are all stationed in the same building
the policy is so blatant none can miss it
even if these drivers are breaking the law, enforcement cannot be focused or targeted on one segment of the population
it must be balanced
truth be told, the bus parks serving the predominantly african villages and communities are the most lawless and out of control. see south, linden, sophia, victoria and the like
they grab people, pull their bags and terrorise their children
none has a line or turn system
all the bus parks with a turn system are dominated by east indian drivers and long before the city put up concrete barriers and posts to force drivers to form a line east indian drivers were doing that
these are the facts Guyana
the east bank bus park, parika, number two canal, UG, Mahaica and a few others dominated by east indian drivers have a turn system
might not be perfect but go stand at the UG bus park and see the order then look 15 feet across the road at the plaisance park and draw your own conclusions

in this racially divided society, the city constabulary is well on its way causing mayhem and chaos with its divisive antics and profiling
from all i saw, the city constabulary present there that day all seem to think this is a laughing matter
i made it a point to tell them if i had anything to do with it i’d strip them all of their uniforms and fling them into the streets
the APNU AFC govt must reign in this lawless outfit or their actions will come back to haunt us all

many were on the front lines & fought long and hard for many years to remove the wicked and evil ppp mob family
i dont know of any who fought to remove the wicked ppp so that they can target east indians
yes some of the biggest criminals in guyana happen to be east indian and they should be targeted but these bus drivers dont fall in that category
they may have all even voted for the PPP but that’s not the point
the georgetown city constabulary is lawless and out of order
the govt must reign them in now or pay for their sins later

i forgot to add
i will not be suffocated by your ignorance
my dear guyana people


4 thoughts on “georgetown city constabulary is racially profiling & arresting east indians :: #guyana

  1. Disgusting corrupts government employees should be investigated bus drivers needs to make a honest living steps up Mr granger elected u should always have people’s interest

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