today in Guyana – georgetown city constabulary east indian problem compounds

based on all i’ve seen and heard the past week, the georgetown city constabulary has an east indian problem
now we can interpret that in many ways and there are myriad permutations possible as you delve deeper into the muck that is race relations in guyana
truth be told a lot of these curly haired negroids unleashing their vengeance against their straight haired compadres because they now have power
to steal a line from caroline weber of new york times boo review, what i saw here today was a study in raw angst and mortifying self-disclosure
the negroes have gone mad and operating under a psychology they themselves could probably not explain
none the less
this psychology is driving them and Guyana to the brink of something terrible
maybe they’re pushing for conflagration
but royston king does not have the water to out it if and when it comes
and we driving close to the flame

i’ve observed these joksters
they took serious licks under 23 years of PPP mob rule and now some are seeing this as their opportunity to inflict pain on the other side
the mystical other
the dangerous other
the other of my psychic pain and suffering
and that’s what makes Guyana beautiful, we are always in the midst of a racial olympiad
one people. one nation. one destiny
is we time now

a whole lotta negroids are upset with me. both straight and curly haired negroids for writing georgetown city constabulary is racially profiling & arresting east indians :: #guyana
but an not bothered by ranting negroids fueled by whatever negroids fuel up on these days

i ran into mark benschop on the streets of georgetown yesterday and he told me he had some people who wanted to talk about something
about four east indian guys and a black woman
they relayed their troubles with city hall, the town clerk and the constab
they were being kicked off the mall with nowhere to go and their livelihoods upturned

we decided to go take a look see

it wasnt a pleasant sight. some of the same goons who dragged me into their gulag were there. the place was cleared of all vending stalls and a few vehicles were parked with goods inside
vegetables going to wasted in the sun
barricades were erected
two police officers were there to back up their city constab bretheren and there were a sprinkling of private security guards and other characters of the shade

it didnt take long for them to get into war mode

am a super amateur videoma and for some reason i didnt get the audio
am preparing for my appearance in kangaroo court ten and will finish this later but check out this video
even without the audio you can see that these jokers are beasts of a very low order

while the vendors are being ordered gone a monstrosity selling food has been erected on the opposite end. word is the proprietor is family of the town clerk
change is good for those who can afford it

the negro with the stick in his hand is Langevine, when he is not busy working he spends the rest of his time collecting shakedown money from street vendors
hold on tight and dont let go of what you have Guyana

i will not be suffocated by YOUR ignorance

“When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe” – frantz fanon


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