patrick mohabir & vigilante justice in guyana

when some people get killed or attacked in Guyana the real story or what’s released a lotta times makes no blasted sense
is death so you should take note and be sad to some degree cause the nation is marching to a savage beat of self destruction
murder, suicide, road deaths and accidents are carving deep into the skinny body of this nation

i dont know this chap patrick mohabir or heard of him before but guyana chronicle wasted no time
they led off with EX-murder accused killed
leaves no room for ambiguities

stabroek news wishy washy as ever come out with
Corentyne businessman dies after shot, chopped in home invasion-hit suspected

then they have the gall to insult out intelligence by stating they got info from sources that patrick was charged in 2007 with murder. what effin sources? stabroek news is playing the usual diplomatic bullshiz. they reported on the original murder patrick was involved in

Sources told Stabroek News that Mohabir was charged in 2007 with the murder of a police officer. The police officer, Huburn Quinn, was fatally chopped in that same year. However, in 2010 the matter was thrown out in the High Court and Mohabir was freed.

but that’s stabroek for you. let’s close it out with Kaieteur News, C’tyne businessman shot, chopped to death in home

Mohabir, who once worked as a body guard, had been fingered in many misdemeanours in the past. In 1998, he and two others were charged with murdering Detective police officer Raybourn Quinn. The detective was brutally chopped to death on the Whim Public Road while on his way to the Whim Police Station to make a report about cattle rustling. The matter was dismissed in the High Court a few years later.

i ain able get into the pile of the dead
but there was a young man who was recently shot dead by gunmen
seemed like a regular robbery or dispute gone bad or whatever
but as you peel back the layers of the onion you learn he was involved in a robbery a few moons back where a couple people were murdered
he was paraded before the kangaroo courts of guyana
a few mornings passed and he was back on the road sporting and cavorting
whether it’s providence or coincidence, he was the last of the group he was accused with to die
all the rest met similar faith
death by bullets
freed by the kangaroo court and police apparatus
only do die under mysterious circumstances

in a scuntry when systems fail and the misleadership class cant stop feeding at the money trough and fix them
the victimised no longer seek justice in the kangaroo courts of Guyana
they might go through the process and ceremony
but more and more they sorting it out one 9mm round at a time

but we will continue to drift further and further past the outer limits of bedlam
while those in the political chambers, judiciary & police apparatus think their positions, robes and uniform will protect them from vigilante style justice
occasionally Dana Saroop Seetahal happens right trinidad & tobago?
it’s a natural progression

freedumb is priceless
enjoy it while you can


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