Resurrection by Slim Smith : full album #reggae

classicola! slim smith lives
oh lord
dont turn your back on me

Jamaica Observer : In commemoration of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of Independence from Britain, the Jamaica Observer’s Entertainment section recognises 50 persons who made significant, yet unheralded, contributions to the country’s culture. This week we feature singer Keith ‘Slim’ Smith.
ONE of the many promising singers who emerged in Jamaica during the 1970s, Keith ‘Slim’ Smith remains among the most influential.
Whether as a member of the Techniques or Uniques, Smith’s distinct tenor won many admirers among producers (Bunny Lee), his peers (Pat Kelly, Jimmy Riley) and musicologists (David Rodigan).

Published on Feb 17, 2015
1. Everybody Needs Love
2. Out Of Love
3. Beatitude
4. Conversation
5. Ain’t To Proud To Beg
6. Blinded By Love
7. Burning Fire
8. Watch This Sound
9. Just a Dream
10. Slip Away
11. Burning Fire
12. Out Of Dub
13. Beatitude Dub
14. Ain’t No Dub
15. Watching Dub
16. Just A Dub ˙



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