Ty Majik Iyes Talbot was prime suspect in murder of 3 women. providence or coincidence guyana?

this is somewhat personal but also a public service announcement of sorts
people say crazy shit about me all the time to which i don’ always respond, but sometimes i do
in this case, i got some info that this guy talks a lotta shit about me where it matters, on facebook 🙂
i dont know this guy, but we used to be best friends for life on facebook for a hot minute beginning sometime in 2010
i cant recall how or why but we communicated briefly as can be see here in october 2010.

until i searched i actually believed we had more communication but that was it. we interacted on various posts on facebook in the comments section which i ain able go back and find.

as you can figure out this was about the time of the linden rebellion against the ppp mobster govt. and shortly after that occupy Guyana where talbot showed up as a cameraman. shortly after he showed up on the scene, persons began looking into his background and found that he was the main suspect in a berbice double murder. the women involved in occupy Guyana and other places talbot was frequenting became worried but did not know how to deal with the matter and certainly weren’t prepared to chase him.

some took false comfy in man is innocent until proven guilty. others were quite uneasy and tried to avoid him as much as possible without getting him vex or enraged.

at some point a few months maybe after we first chat up me and talbot fell out and were no longer best frens fuh life. can’t remember the details of it but over something or a few i said that he took offence to and he went ballistic. what was very odd about one instance where i remember him cussing me down was him mentioning repeatedly he should bound and gag me aka hogtie a word he also used.

don’t know how we got there but i’d already later when i read that talbot’s first wife was found dead, bounded and gagged i was shocked. i’m no criminologist but this startled the fuck outta me thinking back that he would threaten me in this manner.

why would a man whose wife was found bound and gagged be talking publicly about bounding and gagging people?

WIESBADEN, Germany — Almost nothing about the death of Chevonne Talbot is typical.
On Oct. 12, 2004, Chevonne Talbot, the 30-year-old wife of Spc. Tyrone Talbot, was found tied up, face down on the bathroom floor in her housing unit at Hainerberg Housing Area. Her mouth was stuffed with paper. She was dead.

 Talbot was not convicted of the murder but for lying about his where abouts. he was reprimanded and demoted from specialist [similar to corporal] to private first class.

Talbot told the special agent in charge of the investigation, Christopher Moon, that he had arrived at Wiesbaden Army Airfield at about 8:45 a.m. on Oct. 12, 2004, the day his wife was killed.
Investigators later found out he arrived on base at 11:38 a.m. At least one forensic pathologist who testified in the case said it’s possible she had been killed between 10 and 11 a.m. There was another suspect early on in the investigation, Detrick Morton, with whom it is believed Chevonne Talbot was having an affair.

investigators ruled out Morton as a suspect and put talbot on trial. and talbot lied about his whereabouts to the Guyana press

However, he said, he was in fact found innocent of the crime as it was established – through cameras at his workplace − that he was on duty at the time his wife was reportedly strangled.

go back three paragraphs and you will see why this is a lie. based on evidence presented by a forensic pathologist at his case, talbot arrived for work after his wife’s death. not before.
oddly, stabroek news repeatedly refers to talbot as an early-retired sergeant. maybe this is what he is telling him but this is an impossibility on two grounds.

  1. talbot was discharged from the military shortly after his trial and no records show he was promoted again from private first class. he also never met the years of service to become a retiree
  2. for him to come back or arrive at sergeant he would’ve had to been promoted twice. could’ve happened as he may have went off to iraq or afghanistan where promotions could come easier in war. i just havent seen any evidence of it.
talbot rank clearly showing he was a specialist, not sergeant as stabroek news keeps publishing
talbot rank clearly showing he was a specialist, not sergeant as stabroek news keeps publishing

i’ve seen a few photos of talbot in us army uniform and none shows him wearing a sergeant rank. the highest rank he is seen wearing is that of a specialist. this the rank from which he was demoted to private first class after his trial.

next i heard of talbot i can recall was three years later. we had some back and forth again and someone who knows him well sent me a few messages

this dude murdered his wife who was my [deleted to protect persons identity] on the US military base in Germany and never did a day in prison for it. He strangled her in their apartment then checked himself into the hospital to do a surgery so as to have an alabi. Her name was Chevonne Benjamin. He then retired and came here and was then a suspect in the murder of two women in New amsterdam (an aunt and her niece). i am itching to tell him something

May 23, 2013
Mark Jacobs 5/23, 8:35pm
oh yea i know who he is. was in the news
he is a loon. i remember that story
he does be about gt like some revolutionary mad man but i never talked to him
expose his ass
I goin deal with him because I see he’s infiltrating places like Joshua House. Those unsuspecting people think they dealing with somebody genuine but he only trying to cover ground now.

for reasons i cant recall i made a note to expose talbot but it never happen and i dont know why. so here we are again three more years on and someone again mentioned today meeting the mother of Chevonne Talbot who was trying to bring the body of her daughter back to Guyana for burial.

in feb 2009, 18 months after the murder of his wife, Tyron Talbot was once again a main suspect in the murder of not one but two women.

Stabroek News: On February 15, Nekecia Rouse, 25, and her sister-in-law, 18-year-old Alexis ‘Keisha’ George of Smythfield, NA were discovered brutally murdered. Their bloodied bodies were discovered between 6.30 am and 7 am.
Both bodies had wounds to the neck. Rouse’s body also bore stabs to the left ear and right shoulder.

i dont know what went on up there in new amsterdam but i know Guyana lawlessness and the police well.
they eventually issued a letter saying talbot was free and clear and that was the end of that.

“One time we were out, all of us, and they bought two bottles of drink. Both he and Chevonne wanted to have the Coca Cola. He almost slapped her in front of all of us just because she wanted the same drink as him and there was only one,” she said.
Shawnette added that it appeared that Tyrone was a liar.
She said he may have been married to another woman before Chevonne, a possibility which was unknown to Shawnette and her family.
“My sister wanted to leave him, but the reason she didn’t leave him is because he took a lot of pills and tried to kill himself,” she said.

talbot never called his mother in law, his sister in law or anyone else in his wife’s family to inform them chevon talbot was dead.
when he is not playing a crazy gi joe shoot up the world american cowboy role i heard he is a pretty nice guy and an ardent humanist & most of all, a feminist.

i was fresh out of guyana two years in 1993 when a jamaican immigrant name colin ferguson boarded a long island rail road train full of white people
the 5:33 to mineola and opened fire
i remember it like yesterday
i remember aunty lona exclaiming oh gawd! when the name of the suspect was announced
no picture just the name
she knew it was one of us and the possible implications
colin had killed six and injured 19 people. he later cited racism he experienced as the cause
ferguson opted to defend himself and it was a tv spectacle
at one point he was cross examining a woman & the exchange was surreal
you know the man who shot you
yes. Colin Ferguson
Do you see Colin Ferguson in the court room today?
who is the man that you saw shooting?
I saw you shoot me.

the woman was pointing directly at him as he stood in front of her
ferguson momentarily buckled
he suddenly looked dazed and confused playing attorney
a few silent moments passed and he sorta caught himself and he was back at it again
playing the role and doing a good job deceiving himself that all was well

ferguson trial was taking place at the same time the OJ Simpson trial circus was going
the alternative narrative for Talbot is
maybe he is like OJ Simpson
wrongfully accused
and in his own unique way still searching for his wife’s killers
just like OJ
and his girlfriend killers
and her aunt’s killers

there is a mathematical possibility i could be wrong about everything
but i would like to see the odds of an innocent man being prime suspect in the murder of his wife
in europe
and two years later being prime suspect in the double murder of his girlfriend and aunt
in south america
i’d like to see dem odds

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, the early-retired officer in the US Army said he believes in God and “God has vindicated me and once again. My life is my life – not that it wasn’t all along.”

Chevon Talbot, Nekecia Rouse & 18-year-old Alexis ‘Keisha’ George have no life
and their families have also been praying to God
they believe in god
but they also believe other things

“When I heard that he may have been involved, it brought back a host of memories,” said Chevonne’s mother, Brenda Benjamin, who added that the whole ordeal of her daughter’s death was not yet behind the family.

maybe providence and coincidence collided and tyrone talbot became collateral damage
or maybe he is just the luckiest innocent serial murder accused you’ve ever heard of

sing a song & pray for the souls of Chevon Talbot, Nekecia Rouse & Alexis George
help them make that transition

When the darkness appears and the night draws near
And the day is past and gone
At the river I stand
Guide my feet,
Hold my hand
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home


One thought on “Ty Majik Iyes Talbot was prime suspect in murder of 3 women. providence or coincidence guyana?

  1. I wasn’t home for she gone funeral but Tyrone if don’t have a good ending u told the police u killed ur mom and walk pass the house in the us as if u knows anything Jesus is watching u u knew u and shevonne was getting along send her was back but no u did what u did pretend as usual u came around princess st with all the sweet talks in ur mouth two doors away from where she live at ur cousins but what u did to that lady biggest daughter God’s watching alright

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