before skin bleaching & hot combs #Neymar was afro brasillian

this was something i said since june 2014 but occasionally someone discovers it and starts the chatter a new

self hatred does cut deeper than a knife and white supremacy is psychological warfare
self hatred destroys you from within
but the funny thing with skin bleachers and others who are busy altering their physical appearance to inch closer in appearance to their godly superiors is
they will attack you with much hate for pointing out to them that they are driven by self hatred
why else would you drastically alter your physical appearance to look like someone else?
then scream and holler that you are only doing it cause it makes you feel better and this is your choice
of course it’s your choice
a choice created for you

am not stopping you jokers from bleaching, nipping, tucking, slicing or dicing your bodies in your vain attempt to inch closer white perfection. so please stop complaining when i write about this issue
you choose and i choose

the negroe assimilationist just wants to be loved by his master. in his bid to escape pain, he wishes no longer to exist but simply to merge into nothingness in a vain attempt to be loved. a compensatory fantasy
but what if they never loved you?

i won’t full up here with quotes from neymar on race check out Neymar’s blond ambition and the question of racism, identity and marketability of black public figures
there are also many other articles here on neymar and race

after some hostile racial treatment recently:

Neymar kept quiet. He didn’t post anything in his social network pages (just on Twitter he has over 20 million followers), but is almost certain to have been shaken, even very upset!

like king pele and many other afro brasilleros, neymar is confused and tormented by the African in him. such is the power of white supremacist psychological warfare and embranquecimento in brasil

The truth is that the issue of racism troubles Neymar much more than we can imagine. When he was 18 and played for Santos, the star gave an interview to Estadão journalist Sonia Racy and the inevitable question came:
“Have you ever been a victim of racism?” asked Racy.
Neymar replied: “Never. Neither on nor off the field. Really because I’m not black, right?

he wasn’t even sure then and i believe he was being honest. funny thing though the other day i was watching a game between real madrid and barcelona and neymar was sporting a mini afro. no blond and no straightening.
funny thing is while some black/african footballers deny or try to hide or forget their ethnicity the racist fans of europe dont miss a beat in reminding them.


2 thoughts on “before skin bleaching & hot combs #Neymar was afro brasillian

  1. Hey Mark!!

    Your analysis on Neymar is mostly on point. It seems that Brazil is factory for assimilationalist negros. As I’ve argued in previous posts, this is why I believe racism in Brazil is more effective than that in the US.

    The only thing I still not quite convinced on is the skin bleaching thing. I would never say it’s not possible as we have numerous examples of the practice in places such as Nigeria, Jamaica, the US and even Asian countries. But when speaking on Neymar, many point to the fact that as a teen he played for Santos (coincidentally that Pele played for) and, being a city on the coast of São Paulo, Neymar ALWAYS played in the scorching heat, which could explain the differences in skin color as he now spends most of the year in Spain n0w.

    Again, not to say it’s not possible, but still not quite convinced on that one yet…

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