Guyana Police F division Headquarters has no land line telephones!

when you talk about Guyana backwardness jokers does get vex
but not that i gives a you know what
this happened last year november and i said nothing at the time
but it’s been bothering me ever since
this is the type of shit that makes me know beyond a shadow of a doubt revolution is the answer for Guyana
the only answer

and i am not being rhetorical
there is no natural drifting back to zero for a society this far off the mark

it’s 2015 and these fools open a police station without a landline!!!
i mean what type of shit is this?
apnu afc govt has to purge at least 50% of the current leadership of the guyana police force to even begin to make some progress
these people are criminally incompetent
F division is one of the most lawless and out of control in all Guyana
rape, murder, banditry, stabbings you name it
all in the name of progress in these mining and logging zones
so you finally move the head quarters from eve leary to bartica
but there is no telephone!

totally unrelated, what does the colour of that building have to do with the colours of the Guyana Police Force? or you just paint buildings any colour the cuntractor feels like painting them?

check out the official police press release at the time

With effect from Monday December 21, 2015, the Divisional Headquarters for the Police “F” Division ( Interior Locations) is located at Lot 12, Third Street, Bartica, and no longer at Rabbit Walk, Eve Leary, Georgetown.
The Divisional Commander Senior Superintendent Ravindradat Budhram is now based in Bartica and can be reached on cell number 6480171.
No landline telephone is presently in place at the office and effotts are being made to have this facility available as soon as practicable.
The developmental movement of the Divisional Headquarters to Bartica will enhance command and control of police operational activities in the interior.


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