Guyana govt still allowing PPP terrorists to occupy red house

mind boggling ppp terrorists & insurgents are still occupying a govt owned building
but not only that
using said building to plan and prepare their terror campaign against the state
ppp flyer on guysuco related event at red house

dear coMMrades & friends!

it is high time the apnu afc government of Guyana put an end to this madness. please pick up the phone and call everyone you know in govt to deal with this matter urgently
forward this information around to others so they know about the issue
your participation will be highly appreciated

for those new to this issue, there’s plenty reading material on red house on this here blog

Red House & deception by Cheddi Jagan’s disciples #guyana

Red House illegally transferred to PPP mafia in 2012 #guyana

ppp now using red house as insurgent base against Guyana govt

for the 2nd time. why is the ppp allowed to squat in red house? #guyana

Remove cheddi jagan’s people from squatting @ red house #guyana

arm yourself with knowledge so when you see these red devils
you can chase dem down the street


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