Credit Reporting Amendment Bill mandatates info sharing without your consent #guyana

bai me ain gat time wid no politicks! dem ting ain gat nuttin fuh do wid me could almost be our national anthem
the amount of time it is sung
but i can assure you as you ain got nuttin fuh do wid politics
politics got time wid you
and your ignorance/foolishness could easily cost you
as it has and will continue to

i was listening to the entire sitting of parliament
as i always do and something struck me
the minister of finance in his usual ________ self was talking about the credit reporting amendment bill he was piloting

“A careful analysis of the reasons for failure, with developments since this Act, has been put in place, along with these amendments… we tried a thing to be quite honest…we went voluntary—that the credit institutions would report to the bureau and the customers would agree, voluntarily, that the information be uploaded—but it hasn’t worked, it hasn’t worked

“This bill will mandate credit information providers, like the banks and so on, they must upload the credit information to the credit bureau. On the other hand, they will require that consent be given in writing. So, you go to Courts for credit on a refrigerator. They will provide you with a slip you have to sign. You don’t have to sign it but they don’t have to give you credit either,”

somewhere else in his speech jordan spoke about doing this to help YOU
in other words the minister of finance is saving your from your stupid self
you need access to credit
but you just dont know it!
and participate in this system in order to be a good consumer citizen
i wrote about this at the time i heard it
Guyana credit bureau failing – govt changing laws to share your info without your consent
but had to go back and hear it again and read the bill
see image above

in a few words
any institution that sells things or services to you on credit must report the info to the credit bureau
the credit bureau, a privately owned BUSINESS, is failing by the way cause the original law said you have to give consent for these institutions before they submit your info to the credit bureau
Guyanese being the paranoid suspicious lot are not consenting enough to make the credit bureau fully functional
so the minister of finance is piloting this bill on behalf of the junior capitalists
and primarily to keep credit bureau alive [it’s owned by a company from iceland]
get that, the finance minister is piloting a bill to keep a foreign company alive in guyana
a company that primarily live off of you going into debt
what bill from the ministry of finance so far was explicitly to keep guyanese businesses alive? think hard
you have not been complying voluntarily so this bill will now take your information without your consent and send it to credit bureau
next time you turn up for something they will give you a paper to sign to check your credit score from the bureau
you don’t have to sign in…well let’s hear it from the minister of finance own mouth
You don’t have to sign it but they don’t have to give you credit either

guyana is on it’s way with these junior wannabe capitalists leading the way
and if that’s the direction, fine
but shouldn’t these things be properly explained at some point to the sheeple people?
how many of you gave jordan permission to insert this amendment in his bill? or ever heard of it until now?

bai me ain gat time wid no politicks! dem ting ain gat nuttin fuh do wid me
you are certainly about to find out more
how silly that statement is
and you will pay for it


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