Iwokrama Chair Rajendra Pachauri should be banned from Guyana as sex charges pend in India

this is my third entry on this sexual predator Rajendra Pachauri
it should be known that this man was installed at iwokrama by bharrat jagdeo and his mobster pals of the ppp.
it should also be known that Pachuri was sexually stalking, harassing and intimidating a young female co-worker for two years and has been charged in India.

Indian Express: The FIR was based on a complaint filed by the woman at the Lodhi Colony police station on February 13, and included charges under sections 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty), 354A (sexual harassment), 354 D (stalking) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC.

eight days after pachauri was charged i asked the question

when will Iwokrama jettison Dr. Rajendra Pachauri ?
be it providence or be it coincidence bharat jagdeo & his cohorts in the PPP have a loooong history of amorous relationships with criminal psychopaths and sexual deviants

the next day iwokrama remarkably issued a press release saying they were standing by the sexual predator.
i was a tad bit pissed off after hearing this outrage

rajendra pachauri has full support in Guyana from Iwokrama!
when i say guyana is not sustainable under present management, i literally mean on all fronts
this is an ill society rotting from the core
the light has gone out on rajendra pachauri in india but hte CEO of Iwokrama is awaiting word from Pachauri! in the meantime he maintains his position and perks as chairman of the board. are persons aware that Iwokrama is on the verge of bankruptcy yet tolerating a sexual predator as chairman? fascinating stuff from runaway train to nowhere country.

two days ago i picked up kaieteur news and was assaulted by this Indian court allows embattled Iwokrama chief travel to Guyana
are indian courts now in charge of guyana immigration minister of citizenship felix?
there is no automatic right to entry and pachauri should be denied entry until his case is completed
iwokrama is morally and financially bankrupt and only surviving on loans from the central govt.
if they’re going to beg for our money, the least we can do is ask that they do the responsible thing and ask Pachauri to step down
the ministry of citizenship needs to take the next step and tell pachauri he is a persona non grata
until further notice


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