today in guyana – mark you is the only person that can get me justice

sometimes cussing and screaming works
sitting in a parika bus at the harbour bridge
am trying to get over before the bridge closes to western bound traffic so town traffic can come over
the famous 7 to 8 double lane
it’s 6:58
the driver is doing that stupid shit guyana mini bus drivers do
after you ah gone. ah leffin right now
you leffin right now?
yea yea. leh we galang

and you enter and sit down and he throws the bus in reverse looking for another passenger
dem two women look like they goin ova
hello it’s 6:59 drive this bus
hol on rasta man hol on
if i miss this *&^%$# bridge is gon be me and you yuh know
hol on nah man we got time
hey! banna drive dis bus bai. pick up moe passenger over the bridge

as we roll into the cashier the brown clothes police women are literally running out to close the gate
you ever see brown clothes or guyana govt employees running to do anything at the stipulated time?
i remember the good ole days when the 7am closing used to happen at 7:15!

if you wanna see chaos and disorder and a microcosm of Guyana lawlessness go over the demerara harbour bridge about 6:30am
when you get to the western end just take a look at how the police manage traffic and how the Guyanese mind operates
you are supposed to be in a line to cross the bridge
you know like how they do it EVERYWHERE else in functional societies
most people form lines but there are a significant portion of hooligans in this society to which NO rules apply
cars will drive on the wrong side of the road, form their own lines and drive pass the traffic ranks
and drive to the front
now who are the people in these cars?
policemen going to work who don’t believe lines and laws apply to them
low level govt officials who don’t believe lines and laws apply to them
taxi & bus drivers who probably driving a vehicle belonging to a police or low level govt official
and just you everyday run of the mill Guyanese who don’t believe lines and laws apply to them

i got to the other side and paid my $100 and watched as a traffic police valiantly tried to reign in a woman who don’t believe lines and laws apply to them
they’ve allowed persons to form two lanes to turn onto the bridge
a woman drives up and starts a third lane on the wrong side of the road
the rank is screaming what are you doing? what are you doing?

she looked at him in disgust and keeps driving towards him
he is screaming
she is driving
at some point he stops with the cold realisation, he probably cant do her anything cause she will call someone who will tell him leff dat woman alone
drivers come and form a fourth and a fifth lane
i reach for my phone to take a picture of this beauty but there is no phone
wuh de rass! i left my phone on the bus seat

an old car comes along i’ve known for ages
he’s got one passenger but i tell him we have to drive til we find that bus
we spot it couple miles down the road at phoenix park and finally caught up wit it at vreed en hoop junction
i jump out the car and the bus takes off again so am running and hollerin for about 50 metres
i cant keep this up much longer
someone flags him down to get
the phone is still on the third seat where i left it
he said something about me being lucky and takes off

the old car is waiting back at the junction
i buy a stabroek news and kaieteur news from a boy in school uniform
wonder if he really going to school? but i didnt ask
the boy in front of stabroek market directly behind the police outpost always tell me he going to school but he never reach
all the way down in the old we talk about what else? guyana politics
the driver likes how the govt got the PPP boys and girls
he’s certain they all will be jailed & their assets seized
he loves local govt elections
he’s confident the whiteman got guyana back since we got oil now
he’s delighted & knows some PPP boys & girls will be extradited
he’s excited that Guyana will finally rise and rise and rise now that the ppp devils are gone
across the other side of the parliamentary aisle

i’m planting and digging drains like crazy today
i swear backdam slash farming is like crack
not that i’ve had the crack experience but am almost sure
am experiencing cracks like euphoria when i pick up my farming tools and jump onto that tractor
and is pure bliss when i start digging dirt
was it marrion barry who said, crack is back baby, crack is back

sorry marrion that was a poor tasting joke

a lady has been trying to meet me for a long time to talk
but i’ve been telling them tell her to call me
she never calls
they said she want to see me
i tell them tell her to call me
she never calls
she finally see me yesterday and wanted to talk
wont get into the gory details of what she said but i learned a few things
she looked me straight in the eye and said mark, is long now i waan talk to you. i know you is the only person who can get me justice. i know you would never let me not get my justice. i does watch yuh pon de tv yuh know and i see you in parliament and all ova. i know you can get me my justice. i went everywhere. i went to two minister i went to the president office. i talk to he assistant i talk to he secretary. i went to the minister them since ppp time

sidebar: some people think am a big official in the guyana govt which is a big hahaha
for me this is mass hilarity and i don’t really know how to break it to most people anymore as most think am joking
see so yuh geh big wuk an’ ting wid de guv’ment? #guyana

this woman has been assiduously fighting for her justice since 2013 and has come up empty handed
she’s an ageable [gotta do a guyana to english on that one 🙂 ] but yea she is an ageable east indian woman who has children my age
in the Guyana racial schematics many would assume she would’ve gotten her justice from the faux hinduvta boys of the ppp
it never happened and she tried with them for two years
this is a clear case of a citizen being victimised and the govt is at fault
but she gets no justice and three years past and a new govt is in place inheriting these new diseases and she is advised
the only advise i can offer you is get a lawyer and sue the govt

factoid: most days i could barely get justice for myself in Guyana

i just kept seeing all those faces pressed against the fence waiting for david granger to arrive for his swearing in
it was a joyous day
people were excited change had finally come
there was hope in the air

and when granger put his hand on the bible and said, this is the day that the lord has made! the hinges shook loose

but is whey me gon get money fuh lawyer? i don’t have money fuh hire now lawyer fuh sue govt. i not going into them people court fuh get no justice but i know you can help me mark. i know you can get justice for me.

are you aware Guyana govt vehicles do not carry insurance?
check it out fuh yself
you might be delightfully horrified
is it time or isn’t it apnu afc?

i caught a bus back over the bridge and the driver stopped to full his last seat
two young people abt 20 came on the bus
male and female
first they tried sitting four across but the seat was only made for three and that wasn’t working
after a few moments the girl got up and sat on the boys lap and they cuddled
i didn’t know girls still sat on boys lap on over crowded mini buses
he held onto her and she held on to him
headed back to town cuddling in the rain


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