prime minister moses nagamootoo is unprepared for the terrorist insurgents at Guyana Times

nice boy politics will get you blown up on the field of battle every single time and it doan look like some within the apnu afc govt have yet realise, the war wages on
dem salvation army uniforms looking like nice props on a nollywood bollywood set now eh?

bobby ramroop, shine boy michael young, faux descendants of cheddar and the hinduvta brigade are waging a bitter insurgency campaign against the govt and got dem looking like they wearing lead shoes.

attacked wait react
attacked wait a lil moe react
attacked, attacked. silence. press release
y’all doan lissen to dese people dey mad
attacked again
sweet baby jesus take the wheel
all to jesus i surrender

a strange thing happened on the floor of parliament and i half expected moses to rise to his feet and lick two shot rohee’s way angling a lil left to include bharrat in he front sights.
on a point of order mr speaker. bang bang bang badang
the clemster got up and said mr speaker something something something the honourable prime minister when he was a member of the ppp, may his soul rest in peace to much cackle from the ppp mob.

i’ll ask again who will lead guyana govt counter insurgency against the ppp?

Sunday, January 17th, 2016
OPM dismisses and rejects false Guyana Times article
GEORGETOWN – The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) dismisses and rejects the malicious, wicked and utterly false article relating to Cabinet portfolios as published in today’s edition of the Guyana Times. OPM calls on all Guyanese to be aware of the campaign being executed by the Ramroop media group against the Coalition Government, particularly the Indo-Guyanese members and specifically Prime Minister and First Vice President, The Honourable Moses Nagamootoo.
Reeling from the abysmal failure of the PPP’s widespread call to supporters in North America to picket Prime Minister Nagamootoo on his current trip to New York, the Bharrat Jagdeo-facilitated Ramroop media group has resorted to its familiar tactic of manufacturing untruths and misinformation, attempting to pass it off as credible journalism. (It must be remembered as well that the failed New York protest calls follow identical calls to picket Prime Minister Nagamootoo in Toronto last year which also fell on deaf ears.)
This is vile, reprehensible, unprofessional and against all journalistic ethics and codes. OPM calls on all Guyanese to forthrightly condemn this dastardly politically directed campaign.
OPM also calls on the Guyana Press Association (GPA) to take note of this clearly decipherable trend of abuse of media for the purposes of political attacks, spreading misinformation, falsehoods and exciting the populace.

this thing a lot moe moe long. read rest here


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