bharrat jagdeo & his devlish intentions vis a vis Guysuco

east indians have to let go of their collective paranoias vis a vis afro guyanese is still relevant
even though most Guyanese don’t like talking about race, never mind it drives almost every thing in the country
class and others aside, Guyana is mad about race
so when this negroe bharrat jagdeo and his race brigade show up at wales estate to stoke the fires you realise that this shit ain about to change anytime soon
these are the visionary direct descendants of cheddar
or so they keep repeating

the attorney general is appealing the quashing of jagdeo’s racial incitement case.
let’s see how the ball bounces this time around

as sweet baby jesus would have it, i was not on the west bank when this devil and his brigade came to pollute our air

according to jagdeo, david granger and his govt are closing down an estate to punish supporters of the ppp
this negro is a well known megalomanic of little brain power
he conveniently forgot to mention that thousands of people who are not east indians or supporters of the ppp are also going to suffer from this closure
a closure that his govt considered

my west bank east indian brethren and sistren who worship the ppp are still dazed and confused post may 11
and resisting the change that must come to guyana are running back into the death embrace of the devil
most never left
small wonder we top the world in what?

more on this later

do you know cheddar jagan invented toilet paper and water?


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