karrau village waters are polluted because gold trumps life in guyana

contrary to popular mythology mining adds nothing to Guyana society
sure some fools throw up big buildings and fantasy island resorts
other jokers drive fancy cars and pick ups
and whatever other fancy trinkets gold people buy
but trust me gold mining takes more from this country than it will ever add

the record will show gold mining is a negative drag on the lives of our population and a cancer to the environment
stop looking at those gold account numbers in the billions
it will never and i say never be a positive force
and i dont care how much more you keep digging

add up the rapes, murders, choppings, stabbings, the disappeared, the dead rivers, creeks and lakes where NOTHING lives
hold on for a second and think about this
you go into the amazon basin of guyana and there are water ways and creeks and lakes where nothing lives
do you fucking understand what’s going on here?
think about that in the lush bushes of guyana there are places where NOTHING lives thanks to mining
and also add up the animals slaughtered wantonly by crazed gun toting fools

add up the vast tracts of land that nothing will grow on any time soon if ever
add up all the river banks destroyed
and up all the little girls & women kidnapped and tricked into whoring in the bush
dont tell me about the ones who go voluntarily
and on and on and on
and you tell me this is the progress i should accept
fuck you and your gold
you are insane

what type of society are we building where plane loads of whores are arriving in Guyana to go into the gold bush?
so called white whores from dominican republic, brasil, venezuela and elsewhere helping our local self haters live out their sexual fantasies
everyone wins right?

minister raphael trotman needs to stop counting his exxon mobil oil money
and make the hard and proper decisions regarding this lawless frontier
he has already admitted most of the gold is being smuggled out the country
how many more amerindian villages must be destroyed chasing el dorado?
the day is near when these stupid conquistadores will drink that gold
cause there will be nothing left to drink
gold mining in guyana – destruction masquerading as progress
to bring this situation under control you have to march everyone out of the mining areas and bring a halt to all mining
give the earth a rest

Guyana Chronicle: Regional Chairman Gordon Bradford visited the area recently at the request of the village, and he described the situation as being “very serious,” given the “heavily polluted” state of the waterway.
“I was on site, and from what I can tell, the life and health of people there are threatened,” Bradford told this newspaper from Bartica. He said he has since informed Junior Minister of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes, as well as Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Dawn Hastings. Both public officials promised to address the issue.
“That creek is polluted. I recommended that a well be dug to ensure that they have potable water,” Bradford noted. He said he believes the creek is permanently damaged, and sediment may be lying at the bed of the waterway.
The Karrau Village Council met with the community two Sundays ago. The villagers demanded that the village council increase its action towards finding a solution. At the meeting, the council was notified of the sections of the Amerindian Act which addressed entry and access to village lands, and some residents called on the council to prevent the claim-holder from passing through village lands.
However, Thomas told residents, the village will have to tread carefully on the issue, since the claim-holder has threatened to take legal action against the council.


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