Guyana govt officials accepting cheap handouts humiliate the nation

there’s a sickening trend that’s ongoing in guyana
officials lining up to collect cheap handouts and trinkets from foreign emissaries
this is one of those low life behaviour jagdeo and ppp banditos elevated to high art form
Guyana never has money for anything and always waiting for a white man to come donate something or money
any random white ambassador or peace corps official can call almost any [not all] govt official and go

we have some old clothes, two cassette players and furniture we think your ministry can use. is that so?
yes! yes! it was only yesterday we wuz thinkin about how we can craft a proposal for a cassette player and an old couch set
ok. well we’re on the same wavelength
we’ll set up a ceremony and call in the press
ok great. i was just about to mention that
yea boss, we have to show the people the great things you are doing for us
i love your spirit my boy
i cant thank you enough on behalf of the people of guyana

GINA: A quantity of handcuffs, safety gloves and protective helmets was handed over today, by US Ambassador Mr. Perry Holloway at GRA’s headquarters, Camp Street.
Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan thanked the ambassador for his country’s generous donation. He added that he is hopeful that Guyana will continue to receive more support for its effort to root out corruption.

he is hopeful that Guyana will continue to receive more support!
if minister of finance winston jordan had any dignity he would never allow himself to be photographed accepting such crap gifts
the US ambassador calls to donate 12 handcuffs $480, 10 pair of gloves $250 and 5 helmets $1500 and you go running and smiling for the camera
and chances are these are free shit the embassy got from some company that wrote it off on their tax return
this is what got the minister smiling broadly for the cameras
negro! please
buy it with your own damn money and get some dignity and pride

and in a few days the year long 50 years of independence jubilee bacchanal begins

i am Guyanese with explanation
run tell dat


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