did moses nagamootoo represent Guyana in new york?

no doubt he did
but why is dat negroe holding a big american flag behind him?
chalk this up in the column of blunders we see across the board in the not so new anymore apnu afc govt

the fact that some don’t think it’s important dont mean that it isnt
the fact that others think it’s a trivial matter betrays their ignorance and naivete
moses nagamootoo is the prime minister of guyana
we need to move on from the PPP cake shop next to a dutty drain style of doing things

it is simply unacceptable for his assistants, his p.r folks, his military attache [if he had one there], the Guyanese arranging this jamboree and his protocol people to ALLOW an american flag to dominate his space

i mean, who is this negroe standing behind nagamootoo with that massive american flag? and why did moses allow him to stand there?
but forget moses, no one else in his team saw a problem with this?
someone says there is a Guyana flag to the left of moses somewhere there
i do see a splash of green peeping out from the rostrum

moses nagamootoo with guyana and trini flag in new york
moses nagamootoo standing under a trinidad & tobago & guyana flag

moses is the sitting prime minister of a country called Guyana
no flag would’ve been preferable

we must realise that elected officials do a lot of stupid shit
they are not perfect and cant be left alone to decide on everything and make the right decisions everytime
so it is up to us who put dem deh
from time to time remind them
or alert them
or bring to their attention
the scunt that they do that affects the rest of us
right minister of finance jordan?
tell the whiteman to keep his cheap trinkets

have some effin pride about yourself guyana people
or continue to wallow in the muck of mediocrity and low standards
run tell dat

update: i actually forgot to comment on the second photo. notice the prime minister is standing under a flag of guyana and trinidad and tobago. more confusion?


4 thoughts on “did moses nagamootoo represent Guyana in new york?

  1. Mark, Good Evening. The guy holding the Guyana flag was at the other side of the stage out of view in the photograph.

    Take care

    Claire Alexis

    Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 19:05:19 +0000 To: claireal@hotmail.com

  2. I raised this question with one of the organizers the same night and was told it was protocol, the US flag was always on the left. This I knew was ridiculous, to say the least. The next day I also raised it with the Prime Minister, who listened but did not give an answer. I believe he got the point

    1. chuck: count your blessings they didnt invent a law to lock you up for questioning
      a lady did bring up that same law nonsense on facebook. still waiting on a specific reference in the law books
      Gwendoline Stephenson Mitchell
      For your edification, folks —-The US flag is usually present, along with the flag of the other country, whenever there is an important event —IN AMERICA!!!! The Prime Minister’s presence in America was an important event, requiring the courtesy of the US. And that is why Secret Service presence was necessary. It’s the law.

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