Guyana ministry of agriculture has exceeded it’s capacity

i’ve not said anything about the ministry of agriculture so far
am not of the mistaken many who believe that progress takes time
but for whatever reason me a’nall cant explain i’ve not said anything about the dismal performance of the ministry of agriculture

for Guyanese you always have to explain and remind them that this is nothing personal
so here goes
i don’t know the minister of agriculture
i’ve never met him or if i have i don’t recall
the first time i heard his name is when he was announced as minister of agriculture and it took some weeks before someone who knew him explained to me that he is the husband of AFC founder Sheila Holder

so i guess you can say that Noel is a minister because the AFC felt it necessary to pay tribute to Sheila who worked overtime to rid Guyana of those PPP devils and never lived to see the day
having said all that

i not too long ago punched in to see what these folks have been up to
been a while since i checked in with them
lo and behold the ministry has exceeded its bandwidth capacity
well knock me over with a rooster feather
the devil is real cause from all i’ve seen am not sure how on earth this is possible
maybe they’re browsing porn on the back end over there

here are some headlines from the ministry of agriculture using search engine cached results
Minister Holder promises to fulfill Region Five farmers ……/minister-holder-promises-to-fulfill-region-five-far…
Oct 29, 2015
Minister of Agriculture Mr. Noel Holder – GINA…/547-minister-of-agriculture-mr-noel-holder
Georgetown, GINA, January 26, 2016
World Food Day 2015 Message From Hon. Noel Holder … › NEWS
Oct 17, 2015 – Noel Holder, Minister of Agriculture … ON behalf of the Government and People of Guyana, I extend a special World Food Day 2015 greetings …
Noel Holder Profiles | Facebook
View the profiles of people named Noel Holder on Facebook.
“Guyana is open for investment in agribusiness” – Minister … › TOP STORIES
Oct 17, 2015 – World Food Day 2015. Agriculture Minister Noel Holder on Friday announced that Guyana is now open to agribusiness as the country has …

and here are some gems from the ministry’s own site
Published November 26, 2015
The weather forecast for Thursday (morning), November 26, 2015
Published November 26, 2015
GuySuCo Press release
Published November 24, 2015
GuySuco’s CEO questions reasons for industrial action at this time
Published November 24, 2015
After more than a decade, GuySuCo within reach of realising a second crop target
Published November 23, 2015
Speaking Notes Hon. Noel Holder, Minister of Agriculture Re-Commissioning of TapakumaCassava Processing Factory Monday November 16, 2015
Published November 17, 2015

these are things that cause a site to exceed capacity

the ministry of agriculture is in shambles and lost at sea
we can work backwards and look at the handling of the wales estate closure, to which i shall get to in due time
in what constellation do you announce the close a major industry via press release?

The Wales factory would operate throughout 2016 milling both the estate’s and farmers’ canes. It will be closed at the end of the 2016 2nd crop.

before holder and his folks in the comfy air conditioned suites in georgetown could pack away the press release type writer the devils from freedumb house assembled at the estate corner
thousands came to hear the gospel as preached by our local satan
still bharrat jagdeo
24 hours later the type writer was out again in reply to jagdeo and the boys

is it time or isn’t it?
apnu afc will have to answer that or shuffle on down the road come 2015
to get back to zero, the leaders of Guyana will have to crunch time
and a year will soon pass

agriculture is more than guysuco, rice farmers in essequibo and what the ppp thinks or pretend to think
the ppp has no answers to the problems of Guyana
they created most of them so forget them
no industry in Guyana can create more jobs and opportunities than agriculture
certainly not gold and certainly not petroleum many all excited about
so let’s get on with the business of agriculture, agro processing et cetera et cetera

the minister of agriculture may be a nice guy but his tenure can best best be described using his meteorological forecasts
cloudy to overcast skies
and he is not well health wise either
we’ve gone through a few crop cycles since may 11 and we’re not in the middle of a prolonged drought
the ride wont get any smoother anytime soon
there was a press conference the other day to announce a program to incorporate youth and youth entrepreneurs in agri. am still waiting for a translation as what was released is rather undecipherable

moderate showers and thundershowers are gathering over min of agri regent road HQ and no amount of umbrellas will save noel holder of the agri industry
agri happens in the field not in a board room on regents road
we dont have time for the likes of escargot

run tell dat


6 thoughts on “Guyana ministry of agriculture has exceeded it’s capacity

  1. Guess you didn’t read on the FB profile that Noel Holder used to be in the Internet business, head of an ISP named iNet? Wouldn’t he know about bandwidth limits? BTW, why not look up that firm’s current ownership?

    1. you got me, i didnt read his fb page 🙂
      as far as i know iNet is owned by dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop and had some guy name melville running it at some point. what’s holder’s connection to Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop?

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