why no holocaust memorial for the afro germans killed by hitler?

did they teach you that over 25000 german citizens of african descent were sent to concentration camps?

What happened to black Germans under the Nazis? by Eve Rosenhaft
When Hitler came to power in 1933, there were understood to have beensome thousands of black people living in Germany – they were never counted and estimates vary widely. At the heart of an emerging black community was a group of men from Germany’s own African colonies (which were lost under the peace treaty that ended World War I) and their German wives.

They were networked across Germany and abroad by ties of family and association and some were active in communist and anti-racist organisations. Among the first acts of the Nazi regime was the suppression of black political activism. There were also 600 to 800 children fathered by French colonial soldiers – many, though not all, African – when the French army occupied the Rhineland as part of the peace settlement after 1919. French troops were withdrawn in 1930 and the Rhineland was demilitarised until Hitler stationed German units there in 1936.

A subsequent ruling confirmed that black people (like “gypsies”) were to be regarded as being “of alien blood” and subject to the Nuremberg principles. Very few people of African descent had German citizenship, even if they were born in Germany, but this became irreversible when they were given passports that designated them as “stateless negroes”.

In 1941, black children were officially excluded from public schools, but most of them had suffered racial abuse in their classrooms much earlier. Some were forced out of school and none were permitted to go on to university or professional training. Published interviews and memoirs byboth men and women, unpublished testimony and post-war compensation claims testify to these and other shared experiences.

Bayume Mohamed Husen memorial plaque

the only memorial to an afro german lost in the concentration camps is a stolperstein installed in 2007 in front the apartment of Bayume Mohamed Husen in Berlin.

can’t kick sand in the eyes of the dead but this brother was a lil crazee by any standards
from tanganyika originally, both him and his father fought for the german colonialist cause before hitler and did a lot of dirt for his new country
he ended up going to the fatherland to collect his and his father’s backpay for work done
this was swiftly denied
that didnt stop him
he became an even more gooder german
got married 3 years before hitler came to power and had 3 children
would be interesting to get the details if possible but this is a bit strange
his first child Ahmed Adam Mohamed lived three years
his second Annemarie lived for five
he then had a second son Heinz Bodo from an affair who lived with him & his wife but Heinz only lived 12 years

Bayume became an actor of some merit
as hitler rose to power and nazism took root, the germans fought back against people like Bayume who they thought took freedom a bit too far
he was arrested by the Gestapo or an affair he was having with a german woman and charged with racial defilement! aka racial pollution or racial shame [Rassenschande]

Bayume died at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg.


3 thoughts on “why no holocaust memorial for the afro germans killed by hitler?

  1. hey great article, i live in germany and am mixed afro german myself and feel like germany has a lot to learn yet when it comes to racism. i would really like to share this in a afro-german group on facebook, it would be cool if you could add facebook buttons to your article, so people can share it there too! cheers, lightskinnedgal

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