mr vegas talkin about crime, violence & corruption in jamaica remembers me to san jose

when was the last time you heard an artiste taking it to your local devil?
always kinda liked mr vegas even though am not into the dancehall scene
who else can go from bruk it dung to heads high to wine fuh de money gyal to tek wey yself to daggerin?
you remember daggerin 🙂
don’t expect vegas to follow lady saw down to the baptismal chamber but he on point with this one

until we start tacklin crime and violence and stop support criminals
some uh you politicians too who ah support criminals cause unnuh need dem fuh intimidate people fuh vote fuh unnuh
jamaica will not more forward

an unnuh ah talk bout dis and dat an jamaica dis an dat an jamaica ah gwan better an dis come on man BULLSHIT
crime and violence is mashing up jamaica
too much murder too much raping too much killing

chill out to some vegas lovers rock & soul. leave the daggering to the chirren dem

had me thinkin about peter tosh spiting fire at the one love peace concert in 1978 on michael manley and edward seaga seated in the front row

i was forced to think about dance hall reggae and the dangers uncontrolled messages can be used to negative ends in san jose costa rica circa 2007
i was with my friend jorge and we’d just driven back from the caribbean coast and decided to take a night out on the town
ended up in el pueblo at ebony 56 dj and it was hot, packed and humming
dancehall reggae night
no one spoke english of course. this is san jose but they knew the words to all the badman anthems
the energy was beyond real
and i was horrified that such filth could life people this high
they were flying
michelle and her friend told us they had an even better place for us to check out after ebony 56 across the street
i remember climbing the stairs thinkin mark, what are you doin out at 3am in san jose?
a bloody melee started by two women and bottles followed by tables, chairs & guns & that brought the curtains down on san jose for me that night
and the reoccurring thought this can’t be how it ends
michelle kept screaming mark he’s got a gun he’s got a gun
later i realised my forearm was hurting because she was so freaked out she held on with a death grip probably visualising her last moments
the gladiators numbering 20 tumbled across the floor, out the door and down the stairs into the street
we waited in shock for maybe a minute and leapt down the stairs over blood and broken beer bottles
everyone in the street scattered
being afro in san jose at half past three meant we almost had to walk home
a good while down the street we found one
but all the taxi drivers who saw us were in panic mode

vegas was the star
and everyone was singing
everyone except me


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