Ras Mokko’s kitchen live from Jamaica

check out ras mokko’s kitchen 🙂
fully supported by his wife doret, twin daughters Shawna & Shannell and his son fari

After scouring the internet to see if anyone had ever made a Rastafari/Ital cooking show (no one had…) we stumbled upon an amateur youtube video of a Rasta man preparing some soup somewhere deep in the Blue Mountains. It turned out that the Rasta chef in this video was none other than Mokko. His Riverside Cool cottage was part of the Worlds Together Travel Network, a small website that connects travellers with ‘culturally interesting opportunities’ in places like Egypt, India, and Jamaica.

Mokko’s cell # was on the page, so we gave him a call to ask if we could come to Jamaica, stay on his yard and film a cooking show of him doing his thing. He said “Ya man!”

One month later with a tiny budget scraped together, we were in Jamaica eating the best natural food, swimming in waterfalls, and shooting the first season of Ras Kitchen. We had no idea what to expect having never met Mokko in person or seeing the location we were hoping to shoot. After spending the week we knew that at the very least we had something unique to share.


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