serge supre died last week in haiti

last week i got the sad news and jolt that serge died in haiti

Serge gone last night at 1 am. But he fought hard for his life
It was a violent end – I saw the video

serge wasn’t my fren fren but in a way he was. we knew the same people and we talked a few times
one thing i remember about serge was he was always looking for a way out the misery that became his life after the earthquake in haiti
like most haitians his life was upturned beyond anything he could’ve predicted
since then he has been living in a tent in a camp at the mercy of rich landowners, the church, the ngo industrial complex and armed agents of the state
serge was always looking for a way out
unlike most
in haiti

buy land
start a co-operative
strange thing about him was he was never really self centred
all the talks i’ve had with him he was always looking for a way out for him and the other hundreds in the camp

the last time i saw serge was at toussant l’overture international
he was supposed to bring me some rum to take to a friend but everything got lost in confusion
i speak and understand some haitian kreyol but sometimes my english gets the better of me
apparently somewhere in there i told serge am going to the airport and he can meet me at the house
then i left the house for the airport
serge eventually made it but i’d already checked in
i had about 15 minutes left to board and i came back out and we chat
he wasn’t upset
and he wished me well
told me to say hi to my mother, my father and all my family etc
typically haitian
serge does not know anyone in my family but he sent them his best

i’d get short messages from him occasionally like this one
I would ljke u explain me about aquaponic and hydroponic

or this in reply to my question how haiti?
Same no change
Not good brother
Now it’s so hard

the last message i got from serge was on 11/07/2015 at 2:11AM
My father pass away
four hours later at 6:39AM
Papam mouri frem [my father is dead friend]

i sent my condolences but how much can one send via social media to someone in such turmoil?
i didn’t know serge’s father but i know he was crushed and he was still living in the tent and dealing with all the other madness of life in haiti
i know most days like most haitians serge did not have a proper meal
but he never complained
he was always looking for a way out
unlike most
in haiti
but the gangsters of haiti and the foreign plunderers never meant for serge to make it in haiti
which is why the people are once again preparing for revolution


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