daily word – reality verse 1 – december 3rd 2012

daily word. taken from the second book of reality verse 1.

in the beginning was the truth and long after you’re dead and gone the truth will still be the gawd damn truth

you can run from it. guysuco. ignore it. racial powder keg. run to the bush. amaila. play like you don’t see it.cocaine. check in at freedumb house like you looking for it. lil girls & boys. but the truth will still be right where it was sheeple. staring right back at you

in the beginning, in the end and all the time everywhere you go it will be right there staring back at you

woo hooo! yes is me, truth. ah see you still duckin an dodgin, stoopin an puhdoopin. doan fight up y’self ah deh bout. yuh hear?

and when they rape your children you will scream silently and take the filthy lucre because wuh? the train to nowhere is leaving the station and you’ve got vip tickets.

it’s in the word


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