five years ago i witnessed michelle martelly’s inauguration in haiti, it was a disturbing sight

five years ago i was in haiti and witnessed michelle martelly’s inauguration
it was a disturbing sight
and i never thought he would make it to a full term
i had to sneak out of the house to go downtown port au prince as my haitian family thought that it was too dangerous to risk going out the house
let alone downtown for a fraud of a guy who was about to be sworn in president in a fixed election where about 20% of Haitians bothered to show up
it was a very tense day guns with guns everywhere to protect the new emperors of haiti
bill clinton, paul farmer and their local henchmen
but there was also food, music and merriment
and when sweet mickey rolled you could feel something different in the air
i anxiously snapped a few fotos of his bullet proof ride as he rolled up to the back gate of the ruined palace
i’d seen him about two months before on the campaign trail and somehow got him to wave at me and pump his fist in the air
as election results were cancelled twice it was clear that martelly was about to be the first known crack head president

about an hour maybe after leaving the inauguration i wrote this

haiti decentralised
catching my eye today on a lamp post was a flyer advertising a big shindig by all the big players of the world and the haitian elite – decentralisation of the haitian economy and the planing of the affairs of the territory.quite an auspicious sounding name that does not reveal the real evil intentions of those gathered.

the devil is alive and real

if the haitian economy and society is to be further decentralised and the affairs of this territory planned any further by these so.called planners we might as well go ahead and start calling it what it is – slavery. rest assured at the rate they’re planning, Haitians may one day look back at today’s 37 cents an hour today as the good ole days and it will be 1794 all over again.

we’ve been down this road before

totally unrelated

i was sitting under a tent down the road may 14th as michelle martelly and the bishops of the catholic church and the international banksters and gangsters gathered the lawns of the ruined presidential palace in their US $4million affairs called the inauguration. later they would feast at the karibe hotel up in the hills [when duvalier touched down he wined and dined at karibe]

A girl of about 10 was peeling potatoes and beets for her mother who had a ‘restaurant’ set up in the tent city. A little boy let his younger sister on a long march through the tents waving a michelle martelly poster. She followed him obediently round the tents and through the filth, dirty water, sewer and muck which was their ‘neighbourhood’they were singing a phrase over and over michelle martelly pwezidan. thinkin about their future in pained me. they were innocent and excited, caught up in the hoopla. these tents were now home and it was looking more and more permanent 18 months on

I found it all obscene and revolting and i’ve witnessed many a obscene and revolting in my time. after all i am from Guyana a land led by obscene fools. but this was obscene and revolting taken to another level even the mis-leaders of Guyana have not yet mastered and not for lack of trying.

here it was in living colour, the rich and powerful throwing a victory party for their guy had won their race to the bottom. And they led their victims in song, dance and prayer…but they don’t call this terrorism and not that they don’t know it is

the decks were filled to capacity and who’s who of elitedom came to the dance. bill clinton was there of course. Rene preval looking dazed, confused and bored keept staring off into space. his wife was dressed in her sunday best. hat and all. The president of the Dominican republic and a sparkling array of scramblers came too. the banksters of the world bank, idb, imf, usaidS, cida etc etc were front an centre. and when it was his turn to perform the boy took the microphone and put on a show afterall he is a performer. He didn’t have to reach far into his toolbox. And he spoke in French  to his backers, then kreyol to the masses to whom he made many many promises and English to the banksters – “This is a new Haiti, a new Haiti open for business now.

the cameras on cue panned out to then zoomed in to the banksters of the world. It was almost like I was seeing a stage managed state of the union address. The dark faces pressed against the iron fence trying to break the barrier and their was a collective gasp and people said they believed martelly was gonna live up to his latest name chanjman.

for their sake I hoped so too. but i remember having the same feeling in new orleans when candidate obama came through town and the girls from the ninth ward hung on his every word. there was so much i wanted to tell them but who was i to ruin their moment of joy? people need hope or a lie. even an empty promise. something to believe in when all else is lost.

chanjman yes we can. yes we can chanjman

my friend shed a tear as martelly concluded in song and the crowd roared in unison. i remained silent. my mind held a million thoughts all vying for attention then the voices in my head started singing a knowing tune. i turned the volume down

Moments later the president of the dominican republic raced through the streets kicking up dust on the bbq chicken and potato salad stands. men with guns appeared in the streets then disappeared as the other dignitaries sped along back to their jets. a helicopter roared overhead disturbing the tents. the boy climbed up on a chair and took his time stringing his martelly poster on the roof of the tent. his little sister stood next to the chair staring up at him with admiration. you could tell he was her little hero. they were so happy. my mind drifted off thinking about their future again

time will tell what happens next but patience is running thin

there will be many more marches down to the ruined palace. Many affected wont have far to go as many thousands live right across the street from it and they’ll be singing a different tune and dancing to a new beat


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