salim rahaman takes his cow for a dip on hot days in leguan #guyana

men in guyana can be beastly
but sometimes they throw you a curveball and make you go
oh rass
ow de bai
i didnt know he had a bone of compassion in he
p.s. i dont know this guy in the foto i just was reading the paper
and for you knee jerk types, when i say, men in guyana can be … am not referring to him per se
this is the last time am doing that by the way 🙂

this is the originale guyana chronic hinglish. which as you know we’re still tenaciously claiming
Cattle herder Salim Rahaman bathing one of his dairy cows to clean and prevent the animal from overheating in the sunny weather.

let me translate
on hots days in leguan when his cows are absorbing more heat than they are dissipating, salim rahaman takes them for a dip in the local trench to stave off hyperthermia


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