archcriminal irfaan ali suddenly cares for poor people in Guyana

i know we living in an upside down world because this criminal got up on the floor of the house and actually said this

on behalf of the people i wish to ash the honourable minister [of finance] …how can the honourable minister come to this house and tell the ordinary guyanese they will enjoy a good life…the good life is an elusive dream. to the average guyanese but enjoyed by a select few


let’s take a trek in the time machine

After 2 years as Minister…Irfaan Ali builds mansion with poolhouse

The construction of a house at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, is the talk of neighbours who say that the property is owned by 31-year-old Irfaan Ali, the Minister of Housing and Water.
The house appears to accommodate eight bedrooms, a large living room, a detached kitchen and a walkway that runs around the front of the building. One resident described it as a mansion.
In addition to the home there is a multi-million-dollar pool house which makes the $69 million Corentyne office of the National Insurance Scheme office look like a garage.
The cost of the construction which is nearing completion is estimated at more than $300 million if the sums paid by the government for projects that have been advertised and completed, are a yardstick.
One contractor, using the same Government estimates, said that to fence the compound of that estate would be about $50 million.
Some have actually questioned Minister Ali’s wealth bearing in mind that he came from humble beginnings and has been a Minister for just about three years.

all those poor folks who lined up at the ministry of housing under irfaan ali only to be mistreated and robbed can speak volumes about his care and concerns about their plight.


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