stine seed quietly operating genetic modification farm in Guyana for 12 years!

a friend of mine says when the history of the ppp is written, Guyanese will hang their heads in shame and disgust
this comes to mind as am skimming through kaieteur news and came across this gem

A team of agricultural officers yesterday visited the operations of the Stine Seed Farm at Dubalay Ranch to get a firsthand look at the corn and soybean production.
Harry Stine, Managing Director of the company, has been operating out of the Berbice River farm for the last 12 years. The mega farm investment employs approximately 150 workers, mainly women from the area.
The US-based company is currently doing genetically modified hybrid seeds.
“Our operations here have been successful thus far, however, the only problem we have encountered is the Ph problem of which we have used lime and charcoal to remedy the situation,” Stine said.
Stine lauded the move of the new administration in affording businesses with the opportunity to grow, by making available the necessary incentives to ensure success.
In addition, Stine also offered the services of his company to the Ministry of Agriculture to assist in the areas of research and development.
Presently the company has 130 acres of corn and soybean under cultivation.

this seed farm is located on Dubalay Ranch which i dont think i’ve heard about before but a description here says it’s a working ranch etc

Dubalay Ranch, a working ranch on the Berbice River, 147 kilometres from the river mouth, has forest, savanna and swamp habitats, with some 300 bird species, deer, large cats, water buffalo and Dutch colonial remains (eg graves, bottles). Activities include boat trips, riding, birdwatching, fishing, custom-made packages, or just relaxing. Small parties preferred; advance booking essential. Contact Shell Beach Adventures

in the photo above harry stine, the managing director of stine seeds is inspecting what looks like soy at bubalay ranch. but who is harry stine?

well harry stine is a billionaire from adel, iowa with 900 odd patents but there’s more. stine is the king of gmo soy and a major player in gmo corn as well

“Our germplasm–our genetic base here–is the best in the world,” says Stine. “We dominate genetics in the industry.”

and to use his own words We dominate genetics

are these the type of people we want in Guyana messing around with food and food systems?

here are some other gems about mr harry

In 1995, his company opened a biotech laboratory at the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, where researchers have perfected an alternative way to genetically engineer crops. Invented by a University of Chicago scientist, the technique involves injecting DNA into plant, animal or bacterial cells at supersonic speed.\ – See more at:

genetically modified crops are killing bees and insectsthere’s good reason the european union and over 30 countries have banned GMO’s
but these agents of death are not sitting easy. they are quietly going around the world talking about feeding the exploding population of the world, stopping hunger etc etc
there is no food shortage in the world or the ability to feed all the people on the planet
greed and poor distribution of resources are two reasons people are hungry, not for a lack of food
go to any local market and see how much food is wasted daily. go to any garbage collection company and ask them how much perfectly good food is thrown in the garbage daily

Just how successful has Harry Stine been?\r\n\r\nStine has amassed more than 10,000 acres of central Iowa farmland, donated millions of dollars to his alma mater, McPherson College in Kansas, and travels the world seeking ways to expand the business.\r\n\r\nWith characteristic nonchalance, he says it has been “”unbelievably easy.”” – See more at:

i am calling on the apnu afc govt to halt all gmo trials and experiments in guyana and pass the necessary legislation asap to ban all such trials and experiments in the future

the planting of gmo crops are responsible for massive killings of bees and other insects.
technology wont save you when you kill off nature in the name of saving man. those bees are not coming back. and this is all the work of disaster capitalism

undoing the evil inflicted on this country by jagdeo & his mob crew wont come easy and when the history of the ppp is written, Guyanese will hang their heads in shame and disgust

A collaborative research agreement in plant breeding was on Wednesday signed among the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI), M.S. Technologies, and Stine Seed Company in Iowa in the United States. The signing ceremony took place at Roraima Duke Lodge, Kingston, and the agencies agreed to cooperate and implement the following:
* Collect data and may develop corn and soybean seed that may be applicable to commercial production in Guyana;
* MS and Stine will assist other U.S. or Multi-National companies to locate research operations in Guyana;
* MS and Stine will assist in the training of local researchers in various aspects of plant breeding and germplasm development;
* MS and Stine will enhance the laboratory capabilities of NARI for biotechnological research.
The agreement will run for three years and will be automatically renewed annually.

Are GMOs safe?
Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. In more than 60 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMOs. In the U.S., the government has approved GMOs based on studies conducted by the same corporations that created them and profit from their sale. Increasingly, Americans are taking matters into their own hands and choosing to opt out of the GMO experiment. – read more at non gmo project

genetically modified foods will kill you and no amount of spin or so called innovation or so called research or smiling white faces will change that fact

run tell dat


7 thoughts on “stine seed quietly operating genetic modification farm in Guyana for 12 years!

  1. I am against GMOs because the technology is not regulated in Guyana. We boast of being food secured and so no need for GMO crops. It is not our culture to put an animal gene into a plant germplasm. It is simply not the way of nature. We must put a halt to this seeming first world backwardness.

    1. Amazing that this has been going on for so long hidden from knowledge of many entities and without supervision by environmental agencies. Did the Govt inquire about the safety of these experiments. I imagine that crops in adjoining areas would have been affected to their detriment.

      1. You guys need to stop building a mountain out of a mole him. You are driving fear into people for no reason.

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