road deaths & injuries in Guyana beyond emergency


bodies everywhere @ greenfield, Providence right now
usually don’t write about these things
but when you add suicide to interpersonal violence to the senseless road carnage
we are wiping ourselves off the map Guyana
this madness gotta stop


2 thoughts on “road deaths & injuries in Guyana beyond emergency”

  1. This is not a comment it is facts what I would like to see is the government of Guyana do something about the way Guyanese are treated coming to Trinidad and Barbados Government in and out of power and nothing is being done about it. Any and every one is welcome to Guyana and no question ask these two countries I just mentioned have chairs to put you to sit at the air ports to send you back for no seasons and all of Guyana head that resume office knows about this and still they are not doing anything about it it is time for them to wake up

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