albert cromwell viciously attacks team benschop worker iqbal rahim #guyana

albert cromwell is a violent, out of control loon. do not vote for this man
albert cromwell is a violent, out of control loon. do not vote for this man

more details on attack mentioned earlier

Team Benschop’s Field Supervisor Mr. Iqbal Rahim being attacked by APNU / AFC member Albert? Cromwell aka Bulldog.

Cromwell works at the Office of the President [ministry of the presidency], and is running as an “independent candidate” for Constituency #2 – Kitty in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

cromwell who works as a kitchen assistant at ministry of the presidency [formerly office of the president] was recently featured in stabroek news
and it makes for interesting reading

Although Cromwell does not have the backing of a major political group [uh huh], he believes he can make an impact. He noted that no matter the outcome of the election, he is hopeful all the contestants would work with him to create a team to build the community. [you certainly cant do that by attacking people]
Cromwell is urging residents to vote for him so that he can work to create a “clean and green” neighbourhood. [he doesnt have a clean heart]
Cromwell, who is a kitchen assistant, said he remembers the days when cleaners from the M&CC would be in the streets early in the morning cleaning and he would like to see the practice resume.
It is his desire to see a cleaner environment and to serve that has prompted him to get involved in the elections.
Another priority for Cromwell is ensuring children stay in school and one of his solutions is providing meals for the less fortunate children in the area through a public- private partnership.
He also stated that he would seek to ensure there is a doctor at the Kitty Health Centre 24/7 to save residents the hassle of having to go and spend long hours at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
He also mentioned wanting to create jobs for the unemployed as well as to see more youths involved in playing sports.

good to see kaieteur news picking this up on their website immediately

Rahim claimed that the independent candidate known as “Bulldog”, who is associated with one of the leading political groups in Guyana, stomped and kicked him about his body, causing him to seek medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.
He told Kaieteur News that he was about 12 feet up a ladder erecting flags on the utility pole on Dowding Street, Kitty, when the thug came up and pulled away the ladder causing him to fall to the ground.
“He start kicking me and tell me that I must tek down dem flag from de post,” Rahim stated.
Kaieteur News understands that several persons witnessed the attack and one of them contacted the police, who responded promptly.
However by then the bully had fled the scene.
Rahim was subsequently taken to the hospital where he had his cut eyelid stitched and treatment for his lacerated lip.
He said that he was very surprised by the attack and will be seeking justice from the police who had not apprehended the suspect up to late last night.
Kaieteur News understands that “Bulldog” acted as a bodyguard for well known persons who campaigned for the ruling A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change at last year’s general elections.


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