today in guyana : ppp banditos storm out of guyana parliament

charlie aka sattie had a question about some water tower ministry of amerindian affairs fixing
sidney allicock had a little difficulty understanding charlie then answered the question
line item 6255 maintenance of other infrastructure
maintenance of other infrastrcuture. guard house. washing and painting of tressel and amerindian hostel
pauline sukhai tried to talk but yvonne pearson was instead recognised
she wanted details of 7 new employees hired by the ministry
allicock said they hired admin assistant to minister, two special assistants, typist, confidential secretary, community development officer and a handyman
sukhai popped up to ask a question
kept going mr speaker, mr speaker
cut off by the speaker who doesnt recognise her
we have five minites to complete….i now put the question of the sum stated for ministry of indigenous affairs blah blah blah
slamming on desks then all hell bruk loose
priya shouts unbelievable
ppp banditos start screaming and shouting
then far boy irfaan ali popped up and ordered all of them to leave
lots of screaming as ppp banditos started braying shame shame shame
the speaker continues with the business of the house ignoring the noise of the exiting banditos


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