Saw Poe Kwar – Myanmar reggae ambassador for peace

Saw Poe Kwar is a popular reggae singer from Yangon and a former national football player. A Karen, his grandfather was a missionary who raised Saw Poe Kwar as a Christian, with regular Sunday school and joining the church choir. His single “Love each other” has been a huge hit among young people and he performs regularly around Myanmar for diverse audiences. Saw Poe Kwar has two simple messages: “Stop the hate” and “Love one another”, inspiration for which he distilled down from his reading of the Bible. He hopes these will inspire people in Myanmar to coexist peacefully.
Directed by Kannan Arunasalam

Filmed & edited by Ed Perkins & Kannan Arunasalam
Produced for the Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies
Grade, audio mix and sound design by Jeremy Hogg
Music by Adam Nicholas
Original song ‘Love one another’ written and performed by Saw Poe Kwar
Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and contributed their time to help making the ‘Portraits of Diversity’.
Produced with the support of the Government of Australia, the Government of Norway and The Asia Foundation

more videos on youtube


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