eat a rainbow @rareseeds

Rareseeds: The next time you pull a vibrantly colored carrot out of the soil, or sink your teeth into a delicious and colorful heirloom tomato, please don’t forget to thank your ancestors! It was their diligent and loving selection of traits over centuries that crafted the incredible diversity we enjoy today. As home gardeners and market farmers, we can appreciate the patient and thoughtful practice of selective breeding by those who came before us. They shared our interest in the most delicious varieties for cooking, the most stunning varieties to entice and dazzle customers, and the most rugged varieties that thrived in adverse conditions. The seed savers of yesteryear have bequeathed these incredible heirlooms to the next generation of farmers. With today’s renewed love of local foods and home gardening, we continue to cherish these beautiful heirlooms that represent their hard work and love. It is not clear whether our ancestors fully understood the correlation between nutrient density and plant pigments; perhaps for them it was more about their visual appeal. In any case, these highly nutritious and colorful veggies have been passed down for us to enjoy. Let’s celebrate the gift of gorgeous heirlooms by growing a rainbow of nutrition!


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